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Shannon 30th Jul 2019 Activity Director

Have You Ever Game

i took index cards and wrote each question on the card and went around ask each one have you ever, i went all the way back to Have you ever done a chivary what color was your wedding , did you ever go hunting, how many slept in one bed. It strikes conversations for awhile. So much fun.
Shannon 24th Jul 2019 Activity Director

The Envelope Game

Amazing idea
Shannon 24th Jul 2019 Activity Director

The Importance of Political Correctness in Senior Care

Very helpful
Shannon 25th Jun 2019 Activity Director

Name the Car Logos Visual Quiz

Oh my goodness i hit the jackpot and had amazing results in the mens name the cars emblem, they absolutley loved it This sight is great for all functions and levels of ability thank you so much.
Shannon 19th Jun 2019 Activity Director

Maths Quiz #1

i was trying to find something with Math in it as activity i have a resident that was a math/ physics teacher and this is amazing thank you so much