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SPNH 14th Sep 2020 Lifestyle Coordinator

Free Activity Calendar for Seniors

Hi , I love the calendar but the dates are too small for the residents to see. I usually use a size 26 font for numbers and in the top middle of the box. Any chance of increasing your font? Thanks :)
Cathy 23rd Apr 2019 Lifestyle Coordinator


Music! music! music!! live or CD or DVD. Add musical instruments like maracas, tamborines, bells and beat along to the tune, assist some to dance with you or each other. Also I find the promise of a yummy afternoon tea with punch ( no alcohol) gets them up and about. Get to them before they go to lay down for the afternoon , direct them to the activity room straight from lunch, have music on to welcome them.
Another thing to consider is the room where they fall asleep, is it too warm and stuffy?
Having said all that , some days it feels like you wasting your time but you never really know what impact you are having in someone's life. :)
Cathy 23rd Apr 2019 Lifestyle Coordinator


A few years ago I was stressed and needed more time so I did a "time and Motion" study for 2 weeks and submitted it to my E.O. who thought my job was "easy". I wrote down every interaction with a resident ( getting a blanket, TLC chat, offering extra drinks etc), staff member interactions re residents and care, phone calls to family and entertainers etc, extra tasks asked of me by the C.N. as well as my regular duties and documentation. I have to tell you that I not only got more hours but also long needed recognition by the E.O. that lifestyle is NOT all bowls and bingo! Oh! and I have also done a staff education on the process of idea - developing to running and evaluating an activity. They did not realize how involved it all was!! I have care staff that refuse to cover lifestyle shifts as it's too hard!! Keep a personal diary and write everyday your tasks and any interruptions etc to go back to if you have any disputes about your work.
Cathy 23rd Apr 2019 Lifestyle Coordinator


Our residents love snack size chips ( crisps). We also have snack size chocolates and lollies ( what ever is on special at the supermarket). When it's Easter we have Easter eggs, Christmas we have small lolly ( candy) bags with Christmas mix lollies and so on for Halloween etc. I occasionally throw in little essentials such as pens, little packs of tissues, little packs of handi wipes, mini shampoo and conditioner, hand cream and trinkets but the biggest choice by far is the chips LOL!! We have a limit of 2 packs of chips they are so popular, if they win again a choice of other items.
Cathy 3rd Jan 2019 Lifestyle Coordinator


HI and Happy New Year,
I am looking at getting new display boards for the facility I work at, currently we have cork boards the size of 2 A3 pages. I would like some input to what others have found the best for displaying notices, decorations for events eg: picture cut outs, flyers. I'm thinking fabric backing and 900mmx600mm. Any suggestions? Thanks.
Cathy 18th Jul 2018 Lifestyle Coordinator

Modified Beer Pong

I use this in summer to encourage residents to drink extra fluids. I don't do opposing sides, just one pyramid of cups and each resident takes turns in tossing a ball ( or bouncing on the table) into the cups.
Cathy 30th Jan 2018 Lifestyle Coordinator


How about enticing them with a cuppa and cupcake for when you have a guest speaker etc , say 10 mins before start time? or a ticket for a door prize for those who come by a certain time? Would you be able to use a hand bell or horn to "remind" the residents in each area, instead of knocking on each door? think "town crier". LOL
Cathy 14th Aug 2017 Lifestyle Coordinator

Sundownder Music

You Tube! Ipads! You must have amazing budgets! :)
I have DVD's from the Readers Digest and ABC of scenery and music for relaxation.
Cathy 14th Aug 2017 Lifestyle Coordinator


we just had the same , our lady has dementia and wouldn't believe she was 100! Her family organized the Queen's letter etc and had a big party for her at a relatives home so we had a smaller party for her a day later.. I found out info about the year she was born and also printed out pictures from that year a lot of S.A. her home city ( isn't Google Images great!), we then talked about events and passed the pictures around. The comments and memories from everyone was amazing..even if they hadn't been born/ young then. The lady in question actually fell asleep during the party worn out from the previous days celebrations but her family were very happy with what we did.
Cathy 8th Aug 2017 Lifestyle Coordinator


If he likes to wander and doesn't like to do much perhaps you can put up different pictures on a wall for him to stop and look at ( change each day or week). Fishing themed, scenery etc. Try a memory box of fishing items or fishing magazines. Ask him to help push a trolley or sweep.