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Cheryl 4th Sep 2019 Volunteer


We don’t play winners or losers. Some players will need more help than others. I let everyone succeed at this game. One lady can’t remember the object of the game, so she makes several matches. Fine with me because she keeps busy & always asks me, “Am I finished?” They can play 40-45 minutes without a problem.
Cheryl 2nd Sep 2019 Volunteer

Games for People Living with Dementia

Play a dice game called "Tenzie". There are about 4-5 ladies in a dementia group that enjoy this. I sit with them & give help when needed, I bought this at our local HALLMARK store.

Cheryl 14th May 2019 Volunteer

Modified Beer Pong

Used this activity with no rules/no teams. I had 4 ladies playing and what a fun time they had! We probably played for 45 minutes & no one was bored!!