Hopscotch Exercise Game

Hopscotch Exercise Game

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A fun way to encourage exercise. Use the familiar hopscotch game to 'land on' different seated exercises. You will need the numbers on A4 sheets of paper and a beanbag, and space on the floor to lay out the Hopscotch.

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Ann 12th Apr 2023 Activity Organiser/Music Therapist
This is a brilliant activitiy - used with my Dementia group and also woth my grandchildren (adapted) who are a lively 4 and 6!! Thank you very much!
Talita 18th Apr 2023
So good to hear Ann! Thanks so much for your feedback x
Susan 11th Mar 2021 Activity Director
Hi Jackie
I also really like this activity
Tina 11th Mar 2021 life enrichment manager
I really like this excervies you have and do not so hard excercies
Talita 8th Mar 2021
Thank you Jackie, what a great idea!