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Tina 30th Mar 2021 Caregiver


Hello. Any egg coloring ideas and easy crafts im a caregiver I have 4 diffrent clients. All in there 80s to 98 live to make stuff
Tina 18th Mar 2021 Caregiver


Hello I am a caregiver I need ideas of things to do for fun activity for parkinsons...he walks ok and he also likes challenges things to do. I like this app because i can do things indiviual ..
Tina 11th Mar 2021 Caregiver

Hopscotch Exercise Game

I really like this excervies you have and do not so hard excercies
Tina 8th Feb 2021 Caregiver

'Bored Board' Brain Training for Seniors

He is very smart.I like doing challenges with him..we do exercise in morning and activities after lunch.I need some fun ideas walking though the house activity.after I leave he sits all day. He has Parkinson's little slow on walking some tremors
He loves playing brain question games.our focus is doing exercises and keeping him active
He does live with his wife. He's 84 any fun walking in house activities he loves sports/football

Tina 2nd Feb 2021 Caregiver


I need help on making a monthly challenges like doing something new everyday..if its from this site he will do it...any ideas. He has parkinsons
Tina 27th Jan 2021 Caregiver

'Bored Board' Brain Training for Seniors

Hi im a caregiver i love doing activities brand thing with my clients i just started to use this. Alot of stuff i can use. Need more in parkinsons activities. Anybody can help