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Director Of Recreation From Ontario, Canada

About Robin: 19 Years experience in retirement, and still loving it. I hope to find loads of ideas on this website to keep it fresh and on my toes!


Robin 23rd Sep 2020 Director Of Recreation


We used moss that was rolled already!
Robin 29th Aug 2020 Director Of Recreation


Hi there

We would like to do this. How many parts of coir/potting soil do you need. Also how many does it depending on the size we make I know, approx. How much moss should I get?
Robin 29th Aug 2020 Director Of Recreation

Paper Quilling

Hello Everyone
We did this with our residents in Oshawa, Ontario. We pre quilled the strips of paper, and because it was the first time doing this craft, we asked the Residents just to be creative. Next time we are going to make flowers. Thanks to all the great people around the world who provide Golden Carers with their ideas!
Robin 16th Oct 2019 Director Of Recreation

Indoor croquet

I don't see any other instructions for the game? I would think that the balls would roll away.
Robin 20th Aug 2019 Director Of Recreation

Melbourne Cup Horse

How do you play this horse race game?
Robin 24th Feb 2019 Director Of Recreation

6 Whiteboard Games for the Elderly

Check out this for a fun game of Jeopardy . I let the residents hold on to their winning number and add up the the score for the two teams. Its been Fab!