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Julie 16th Sep 2014 Lifestyle Co/Ordinator


We started a mens only gym group and things went from there ,we now have men only bus outings military museums,prawn and beer picnics ,and planning fishing days for the summer.The men like to have there own meetings to discuss and organise there own outings and activities
Julie 16th Sep 2014 Lifestyle Co/Ordinator


Thanks yes baby steps seem to be the way to go . Families have told us to get WII games as well we are looking into these as well
Julie 10th Jul 2014 Lifestyle Co/Ordinator


Hi all Am looking at designing a programm of activities around the tablet and apple Tv ,if anyone has any suggestions or apps they use would greatly apprieciate there input
Julie 11th Mar 2014 Lifestyle Co/Ordinator


Hi Hayley
i have brought on herb and spices from the garden and cupboard, this lead to discussion on cooking recipes and even herbal remedies . The residents loved this and want to do it could even just do a group of herbs then coordinate with the kitchen for lunch to have these herbs and spices included in there lunch
Julie 19th Aug 2013 Lifestyle Co/Ordinator

Joyful Dog Visits for Seniors

We have 2 birds in a cage and 3 fish to start with I take my Labrador to work Monday and Tuesdays our residents love to watch the fish and the chatter from the birds staff and visitors have commented on the home like feeling of our facility the residents love to feed and clean our pets .will look at expanding our family as we can.
Julie 19th Aug 2013 Lifestyle Co/Ordinator

Leapin' Frogs

what a great idea am going to make up a set in craft
Julie 12th Jun 2013 Lifestyle Co/Ordinator

Cooking Aromas for Senior Care

I brought in a variety of herbs from the garden and spices ,smell ,touch and taste (if appropriate) the morning was great, residents reminised about recipes and meals enjoyed will do again.We also make pickles ,jams etc when ingredients are in season
Julie 14th Feb 2012 Lifestyle Co/Ordinator


Is anyone else planning a harmony day activity (21st March) we are doing a morning Tea orange and sport themed any ideas for a game would be welcome
Julie 13th Feb 2012 Lifestyle Co/Ordinator


Would like to know if anyone has a list of words they use in documenting mine is getting a bit tired
Julie 11th Jan 2012 Lifestyle Co/Ordinator

Summer Yarn Balls

Yes ive given it a go, its one of my first failures but next time (yes there will be a next time )I will use more glue in mixture and more string as they will look a lot better
keep up the good work Julie