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Joanne 12th Aug 2020 Leisure and Lifestyle Co ordinator
These are ones I wrote myself, not sure where you could download any. Try writing some, it's very easy. Cheers.
Susan 13th Aug 2020 Activity Director
Hi Joanne
How creative of you and what a good idea
Jenny 11th Aug 2020 Lifestyle CoOdinator
Hi Joanne is there a place we can download more of these books to print?
we have tried chicken soup but not as good as these ones :)
Teri 4th May 2019 Lifestyle Coordinator
I have written several of these books also after I completed a Montessori workshop. They are written similar to yours, although Montessori is all about being interactive with reminiscing discussion questions on almost every page and pictures, page numbers and directional arrows.
Talita 6th May 2019
Hi Teri, we would love for you to share your stories too!
Joanne 21st May 2019 Leisure and Lifestyle Co ordinator
Hi Teri that is where I got my idea from as they were expensive and i thought it would be easy to write one on my town and they just kept about to do some more....
simonne 26th Apr 2019 Support worker
Thanks so much!
Sharon 8th Mar 2019 Personal Care Worker
Thanks so much!!
Joanne 30th Oct 2016 Leisure and Lifestyle Co ordinator
Here is another to whet your appetite (new read along book download)
Liz 4th Oct 2016 Support Worker
This is terrific! I am going to use it for my client tomorrow. Where can we find the other titles?
Julie 27th Sep 2016 Activity Officer
This is a wonderful activity. Residents loved this. How do I locate your other titles?
Talita 23rd Sep 2016
Wow this is fabulous Joanne, thanks for sharing!