I was thinking about the things my mother told me as I was growing up, and I thought what a lovely reminiscing afternoon this could make. So, what did our mothers tell us.....

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Jenny 21st Feb 2023 Choir Leader
Hello Louisa,
Most of these sayings were said by my mother to her 5 children growing up in the 50's, 60's and 70's.
A few others that still get quoted among my siblings today are:
* Elbows off the table!
* If you can't say anything good about a person don't say anything at all.
* Let the visitors eat first
* If that's lunch we've had it!
* Night night! God Bless.

Louisa 21st Feb 2023 Head of Wellbeing
Aw, it's special when we pass things down through the generations :o)
Gwyneth 19th Feb 2023 Volunteer
Hello Louisa, you must have lived in our house, I'm Welsh, my mam said most of those sayings to us when we were growing up, lovely, and I have used them to my children, to my grand children, and my grandchildren have passed them on to their children, my great grand children, what a lovely memory. Thanks for the memory. Gwyneth