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Brittany 22nd Apr 2020 Activities Director
Where do you find the related activity for this?
Susan 23rd Apr 2020 Activity Director
Hi Brittany
If this is too much for your residents simplify it or use the pictures supplied here
Karin 21st Aug 2013 Activities & Volunteer Coordinator
We're making the flower pot and flowers now for spring. The residents will be able to take them "home" and put them up in their rooms or on their doors (gotta love bluetak!)
talita 6th May 2013
Absolutely Jessie! Clients could also make the cards for mother's that they know, their daughters, friends etc.
Jessie 6th May 2013 Support Care Worker
All my clients are elderly and their Mum's would have long time passed away. This would be a good project for our clients to do for daughters and sons or family members that visit and care.
Shirley 21st May 2012 Recreation Officer
The flower pots - verses went well THANK YOU Shirley NSW