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Jessie 4th Feb 2014 Support Care Worker


Choose and play pieces of music they can relate to and ask them to finish the verse or pick the tune. Put several items in a pillow slip and ask them to feel them through the fabric and state what the items are and what job they relate to. Discuss the job.
Jessie 6th May 2013 Support Care Worker

Homemade Cards for Mother's Day

All my clients are elderly and their Mum's would have long time passed away. This would be a good project for our clients to do for daughters and sons or family members that visit and care.
Jessie 6th May 2013 Support Care Worker

Flower pot colouring-in

What a great idea..
Jessie 8th Apr 2013 Support Care Worker

Professions that are Vanishing

All good subjects for our reminiscing time. Golly, it was only 20 years ago at my wee(no pun intended) country cottage that I had an outside dunny with a nightman emptying it once a week. Thank the gods for septic toilets.
Jessie 6th Apr 2013 Support Care Worker

Handbag Sorting (Toolbox for men)

Love this idea, I can adapt it to different levels and different genders . Thanks heaps!!!
Jessie 13th Feb 2013 Support Care Worker

Balloon Games

I tie a long string to a balloon, seat guests out of arms reach,or around a table and swat the balloon to a person, they hit it to the next opposite person, etc. Lots of giggles and it is a safe exercise. 2 people or more can enjoy this.
Jessie 29th Dec 2012 Support Care Worker

10 Ways to Celebrate Elvis Presley's Birthday

Wonderful idea! Am planning it already.
Jessie 19th Dec 2012 Support Care Worker

I Remember The Cheese Of My Childhood

Lovely!! Some great reminiscing ideas for my folks. Thank you.
Jessie 5th Nov 2012 Support Care Worker

Craft Garden

This looks like another great project for my group. Will certainly use it soon
Jessie 22nd Oct 2012 Support Care Worker

Horse Racing Hat Parade

never done a sweep before. Any ideas greatfully accepted, kept simple for small group please