A Mother's Day themed bingo for seniors!

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Sister Joseph Marie 14th Mar 2023 Religious
How do you play this activity
Sister Joseph Marie 14th Mar 2023 Religious
when do they win a bingo
Virginie 16th May 2022 Activities-Volunteer Coordinator
We used it for our Mother's Day Celebration in the Assisted Living Facility I work at and it was a big success! I had to Americanize a few captions, but otherwise it is a great Bingo. Thank you!
Talita 22nd May 2022
This is great to hear Virginie! These bingo games are so easy to customize so I'm so happy to hear that you had a go doing this! Thanks so much for your feedback x
Wendy 20th Apr 2020 Lifestyle
i feel when we do the different bingo's its confusing when they are to similar eg 2 lots of flowers 2 lots of high heel shoes, broom with girl broom with dust pan broom by its self, its already different and our residents seem to struggle, i like the idea of the different bingo's but would just like good clear pictures, otherwise i spend so much time trying to explain what the picture is thanks heaps for all your idea's
Talita 25th Apr 2020
Thanks for your feedback Wendy, these are being adjusted and I'll let you know whent the new versions are ready!
Kerry 31st Mar 2021 Lifestyle Coordinator
We love the different bingos as well but agree the similar pictures are confusing
Nasrin 15th Mar 2020 Lifestyle
Its worth and very useful resource
Talita 16th Mar 2020
Thanks so much for your feedback Nasrin x