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Wendy 17th Sep 2020 Lifestyle

6 Fun & Easy Dice Games for the Elderly

Thanks for sharing we will give it sa try
Wendy 20th Apr 2020 Lifestyle

Mothers Day Bingo

i feel when we do the different bingo's its confusing when they are to similar eg 2 lots of flowers 2 lots of high heel shoes, broom with girl broom with dust pan broom by its self, its already different and our residents seem to struggle, i like the idea of the different bingo's but would just like good clear pictures, otherwise i spend so much time trying to explain what the picture is thanks heaps for all your idea's
Wendy 23rd Apr 2018 Lifestyle

Charades Game for the Elderly

we had a lot of fun playing charades, and came up with some great ideas - easy ones, I just thought if you were able to put up some blank cards so we could make our own. thanks heaps
Wendy 16th Jan 2018 Lifestyle

Baby Boomers Song Quiz

I agree with Irena great idea but you need the next two lines of the song. I also don't know the answers and neither will they but if i was able to give the next bit they may get it
Wendy 23rd Oct 2017 Lifestyle

Cue Cards for Dementia Care

Great, thanks heaps they are perfect just what i was looking for
Wendy 17th Nov 2015 Lifestyle

Intergenerational: Colour By Numbers

great idea residents seem to take their time and do a better job thanks
Wendy 4th Nov 2015 Lifestyle

Social Outing Evaluation Form

i was looking for some idea's on what to write for evaluating a programmed activity e.g. cooking class, bingo, quiz, etc
Wendy 8th Sep 2015 Lifestyle

Share your Jokes

Q how do you know when you are drowning in milk?
A when its past your eyes
Wendy 19th Oct 2014 Lifestyle

Armchair Travel: A Sensory Experience for Seniors

sorry it took so long to get back to you Patricia as i had to borrow them again its discovery ATLAS DVD collection volumes 1-10 discovery channel Australia, Italy, China, France, Brazil, India, Egypt, Japan, South Africa,& Russia narrated by famous people ...wendy
Wendy 2nd Sep 2014 Lifestyle

Poetry Club

we have recently started a poetry & tim tam session we make nice coffee from the sachets,serve tim tams then we read the poetry,we have one book written by one of our residents plus keep our eyes out for nice poems, we have also reminisced with nursery rhymes,and played around with writing some our residents look forward to poetry reading