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Nasrin 13th Dec 2020 Lifestyle

Mind-Bending Maths Riddles

This is fun as our residents love this .
Thanks for sharing.. please give us more and more so we can utilize
Nasrin 25th Aug 2020 Lifestyle

How to Make Sensory Blankets for Dementia Care

Hi ,I would like to make one for our memory support community ..any ideal suggestions how I can start with?
If any pictures would help me?
Anyone have any clue please drop your idea for me would be appreciated
Nasrin 14th Aug 2020 Lifestyle

Armchair Travel to Brazil

Thank you so much . Residents love to travel in different countries. Its worth it.
Nasrin 2nd Aug 2020 Lifestyle

More French Trivia

this is absolutely amazing as this month we are hosting Armchair travel to France and this is worth enough to use in this event. Thanks
Nasrin 5th Jun 2020 Lifestyle

Royal Quiz

I am also having trouble finding Trivia for Queen's birthday
Nasrin 15th Mar 2020 Lifestyle

Mothers Day Bingo

Its worth and very useful resource
Nasrin 2nd Feb 2020 Lifestyle

Valentine's Day Dementia Bingo

Please how can I edit on PDF file .
Seems very useful resources for the Aged care community.