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simonne 6th May 2019 Support worker

Cover the Number - Dice Game

Would you mind explaining what is difference between the two print out pages ?
simonne 4th May 2019 Support worker

How to Run a Residents Meeting

Thanks for offering this information..great help
simonne 1st May 2019 Support worker

Cinderella Christmas Pantomime

How long do you need to rehearse before ready to perform (estimation)?
simonne 26th Apr 2019 Support worker

Read Along Books for Dementia Residents

Thanks so much!
simonne 15th Apr 2019 Support worker

ANZAC Day Picture Bingo

How fab! thank you so much.. these picture bingos are excellent!

Other ideas for picture bingo


simonne 14th Apr 2019 Support worker

How to make Twiddlemuffs

What boards are you making the men???
simonne 13th Apr 2019 Support worker


We play along to music, its nice :-)
simonne 13th Apr 2019 Support worker


No volunteers, manager cant seem to follow up on those that call. No family help. I cant manage it all. No casual activity staff... just me and the nurses.
simonne 13th Apr 2019 Support worker


My head is hurting already and its the weekend!

I did not agree to this in the interview but now goal posts have changed.

They dont even give me money for resources.. I pay then they pay me back.. this is not a respectful place to work.
simonne 28th Mar 2019 Support worker

15 Ways to Practise Self Care and Avoid Burnout

Only on day 4 and already feel stressed.

Not enough staff, only me to manage 5 areas (2 are memory care).
I am only in training but my head feels frazzled already!