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simonne 10th Mar 2021 Support worker

Alice in Wonderland Christmas Pantomime

Were residents sitting down doing panto?
simonne 28th Jan 2021 Support worker


HI Edith
I used to do sign language to songs.. get everyone involved. Chose simple songs.. we did
Wonderful world
Colours of rainbow
Love me do

We went to online website..

Everyone loves joining in as its fun doing all the movements.. give it a go!
simonne 27th Jan 2021 Support worker

Optimal Activities - Staff & The Physical Environment

Oh George how awful, it makes the job horrible.
simonne 27th Jan 2021 Support worker

Optimal Activities - Staff & The Physical Environment

Yes, its a very important question, high risks when lifestyle staff are left with large number of residents and no support.
simonne 27th Jan 2021 Support worker


Support. Just about to start a new position (lifestyle coordinator), noticed today that staff member looked overwhelmed... lots of people in the room and no other staff around.

What strategies do other people use to make sure 1 staff member is not overloaded with residents and no care staff to assist during activity (toilet and also once activity is finished). Don’t want to go in guns blazing but really felt for assistant today (I was having induction tour) and also I have been there myself.. its too much.
simonne 12th Mar 2020 Support worker


Hi Briana

How do I buy one of your dolls?

simonne 22nd Feb 2020 Support worker


Hello does anyone have links to sites or shops where I can get crosswords, word searches and other resources in different languages? Thank you
simonne 7th Feb 2020 Support worker

Sifting and Sorting Bins for Dementia Care

What are the themed boxes please?
simonne 23rd Jan 2020 Support worker


wow so beautiful.. are you selling them?
simonne 17th Jan 2020 Support worker

Race Around Australia Trivia Game

Excellent.. thank you :-)