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simonne 17th Jan 2020 Support worker

Race Around Australian Trivia game

Excellent.. thank you :-)
simonne 13th Jan 2020 Support worker

Sip and Paint

Someone explained to me once that you get a simple picture from internet (clip art or similar with thick lines and simple picture) print onto A3 then trace it and put it onto a large canvas.. put dots of paint into the sections of picture for resident to follow. They then over the black lines in thick black pen and tidied up painting if need be. They also painted over canvas afterwards if not wanted.
simonne 1st Jan 2020 Support worker


This is terrible to read.. you all should get a new employer!
simonne 1st Jan 2020 Support worker

How to Evaluate Care Plans & Write Quarterly Reviews

Thank you for this information. Really useful.
simonne 11th Dec 2019 Support worker


What is best program to use to create a calendar large enough to be read by residents and large enough to hold information. Thanks
simonne 11th Dec 2019 Support worker


How do you keep track of who is attending activities and who needs 1:1 attention?
simonne 6th May 2019 Support worker

Cover the Number - Dice Game

Would you mind explaining what is difference between the two print out pages ?
simonne 4th May 2019 Support worker

How to Run Successful Resident Council Meetings

Thanks for offering this information..great help
simonne 1st May 2019 Support worker

Cinderella Christmas Pantomime

How long do you need to rehearse before ready to perform (estimation)?
simonne 26th Apr 2019 Support worker

Read Along Books for Dementia Residents

Thanks so much!