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Joanne 8th Dec 2015
This years version has a bird theme
On the first .....a kookaburra in a gumtree
2 pink galahs
3 wattle birds
4 black crows
5 swooping magpies
6 rainbow lorikeets
7 dancing brolgas
8 wedgetail eagles
9 prattling parrots
10 running emus
11 screeching cockies
12 wading jabirus
Raylene 14th Nov 2015
Thanks for the idea. Will try it this Christmas with my residents of a Aged Care.
Joanne 22nd Nov 2012
And...just for this year a food theme...
1 - some prawns cookin' on a barbeque
2 pavlovas
3 witchetty grubs
4 jars of vegemite
5 lamingtons
6 granny smith apples
7 balmain bugs
8 steaming dampers
9 packets of minties
10 cans of v.b.
11 bushells teabags
12 aussie meat pies

yes it's an Aussie theme this year...good luck everyone...
Solange 17th Nov 2012
Hi Joanne,

What a great game! Thank you for sharing.

All the best,

amy 12th Nov 2012
love it!!!
Frances 9th Nov 2012
Me, too .. I will try it this year. Thanks :)
talita 9th Nov 2012
Thank you Joanne, love this idea!
Joanne 5th Nov 2012
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