The Twelve days of Christmas

The Twelve days of Christmas

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Joanne 8th Dec 2015 Leisure and Lifestyle Co ordinator
This years version has a bird theme
On the first .....a kookaburra in a gumtree
2 pink galahs
3 wattle birds
4 black crows
5 swooping magpies
6 rainbow lorikeets
7 dancing brolgas
8 wedgetail eagles
9 prattling parrots
10 running emus
11 screeching cockies
12 wading jabirus
Raylene 14th Nov 2015
Thanks for the idea. Will try it this Christmas with my residents of a Aged Care.
Joanne 22nd Nov 2012 Leisure and Lifestyle Co ordinator
And...just for this year a food theme...
1 - some prawns cookin' on a barbeque
2 pavlovas
3 witchetty grubs
4 jars of vegemite
5 lamingtons
6 granny smith apples
7 balmain bugs
8 steaming dampers
9 packets of minties
10 cans of v.b.
11 bushells teabags
12 aussie meat pies

yes it's an Aussie theme this year...good luck everyone...
Solange 17th Nov 2012 Diversional Therapist
Hi Joanne,

What a great game! Thank you for sharing.

All the best,

amy 12th Nov 2012 Clinical Nurse Consultant
love it!!!
Frances 9th Nov 2012 Carer
Me, too .. I will try it this year. Thanks :)
talita 9th Nov 2012
Thank you Joanne, love this idea!