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Raylene 7th Oct 2020

Name That Show Visual Quiz

Thank you for the activity name that show. I think my residents will enjoy it very much.
Raylene 26th May 2020

What Am I Quiz #2

Thank you for some new ideas for the aged care I work in.
Raylene 21st Apr 2019


Thank you all
Raylene 1st Feb 2017

How to host a Valentine's Day Party

Thanks for giving some ideas to celebrate Valentines Day.
Raylene 1st May 2016

Spot the Differences Contest

I would like to see fruit, flower or scenic photos to find the differences. Keep up the good work it is great for the residents.
Raylene 12th Apr 2016

Recycled Paint Swatches Game

Thank you I am going to try this with my residends.
Raylene 12th Apr 2016

Water Anagram

Great for the residents who love this type of quizzes.
Raylene 3rd Feb 2016

2016 - Year of the Monkey Personality Traits

Thank you for the information
Raylene 3rd Feb 2016

Chinese Zodiac Memory Game

Thank you for a great idea.
Raylene 14th Nov 2015

The Twelve days of Christmas

Thanks for the idea. Will try it this Christmas with my residents of a Aged Care.