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amy 4th Dec 2012 Clinical Nurse Consultant

Aussie 12 days of Christmas

we have started this activity, and sing after lunch each day. It is really fun, and suprisingly as we do it at the dining table even the residents who usually do not engagfe are joining in. Every body is wondering " what tomorrow picture" will be. Very fun and exciting. Great idea - thank you
amy 4th Dec 2012 Clinical Nurse Consultant


just wondering if any one has a list of movies suitible to play in my facility. Saturday afternoons is " movie afternoon" . Im searching for movies that are classics as well as older movies that my residents will enjoy. The resident age from 70 - 102 years old. Any Help would be appreciated - oh and music too would also be appreciated, bands, song titles etc etc
amy 22nd Nov 2012 Clinical Nurse Consultant

Tissue Paper Sun Catchers - Easter Bunny

i have tried this and it looks great - we have used stars and flowers instead of the bunny.
amy 12th Nov 2012 Clinical Nurse Consultant

The Twelve days of Christmas

love it!!!