Playing Cards: All-Inclusive Games for Seniors

Playing Cards: All-Inclusive Games for Seniors

By Susan Berg

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Playing card games is a social, entertaining and enjoyable pastime. Card games are among the most popular indoor games for adults.

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Karen 30th Oct 2017
I'm sure we are all aware of the game SNAP, well one of our group members taught us her variation, it's called Animal Grab. Instead of snapping the cards, at the start of the game everyone chooses an animal noise then when a pair comes up you yell out your animal noise. It is very fun and everyone laughs a lot because most people, staff included forget their animal in the heat of the moment and end up yelling the wring sound.

Thanks for the card game ideas.
Solange 30th Oct 2017
Hi Karen, great idea, really funny. Thanks for sharing.
Susan 17th Oct 2017
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