The Price is Right UK - 1950s

The Price is Right UK - 1950s

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This is a does the item cost more or less than the previous item game.

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Berthe 11th Dec 2023 DT
Good morning from Australia, if I will run this game in our facility should be in $Australian so can I edit to our currency number? Do you bring real items or just pictures to show?
Thank you.
Susan 12th Dec 2023 Activity Director
Hi Berthe
I would start with pictures and see how popular the game is may be later get the items
Kay E 20th Apr 2023 Activities
Thanks Jenny, much appreciated! I'm sure our residents will love it.
George 18th Apr 2023 Activities Co-Ordinator
Not sure what date this was made, but be sure to alter the 'today's' prices if you use it as they are way off.
Jenny 19th Apr 2023 Activities Coordinator
Todays prices are what it would be with usual inflation. Apologies I didn’t make that clear. So when I played it last week we also had the cost of things that morning. So a Tesco hunt and Google search.
So they were fascinated to see that some items were very similar in cost some much more expensive.
As in 1952 we were in £,Sand d there needed to be a decimal equivalent to the cost at the time to compare .
There wasn’t much point adding a price for the day you play.
So the prices are mostly 1952.
The pre decimal price is the actual price
The £ decimal is that price in todays money.
So in 1952 an item cost 4d say which was say 42p in a metric equivalents. That’s the prices shown on the game .. in real terms that might now be £10.40. The prices on the game are 1950s and their decimal equivalent..NOT todays prices

Then you can obviously just search the actual prices on the day you play or just talk about different prices now.
The point of the game though is are the items higher or lower in cost than the previous item. So no current modern equivalent is actually required. I did do that as we chatted about it too, but that’s extra work as prices are going up so fast. Hope this clarifies for you. Attached images of price list from last week I used. Best wishes
Jenny 19th Apr 2023 Activities Coordinator
Hi George, I tried to reply and I’m not sure if it emailed you. Basically the metric prices are the pre decimal prices converted into current decimal currency and are not meant to be today’s prices.. so it’s what it would cost in decimal currency now if there wasn’t inflation.
Today’s prices aren’t necessarily to play. As it’s based on was. 1 lb of onions more or less expensive than a 1 lb of lard.
I do add today’s prices as a talking point but it requires searching on the day.
I’m sorry this wasn’t clear to you as we are dealing with 2 currencies and 70+ years of inflation..
I did play last week and here’s the cost of stuff that week in my area. I did that as a chatting point. There were all very shocked by the costs. But we could have a good chat about it. White goods extra are basics on my list I’ll add from last week.