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Kay E Elizabeth 12th May 2023 Activities

Unscramble - Countries of the World

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Kay E 20th Apr 2023 Activities

The Price is Right UK - 1950s

Thanks Jenny, much appreciated! I'm sure our residents will love it.
Kay E 26th Aug 2022 Activities


Hi Grace! Something he could tinker with might be of use. Can your maintenance dept supply you with a non-working item to see if he could figure out the problem with it perhaps? Obviously you'd need to risk assess that and supervision must be considered. Even if they asked his opinion on some electronics-related issue, that could brighten his spirits.

Failing that there are loads of beginner electronics kits upwards you can buy that might be useful. Ditto on the supervision and risk assessment.

If his experience is military related (or even if not), could your local RAF Air Cadets arrange a visit to see him or vice versa and talk about/ask about planes and their electronics? Worth asking them and would make a fantastic intergenerational activity as well.

The RAF museum site has various online collections as well which can be filtered to include just aircraft if he's more of a visual person . The whole site is a fab resource in general.

Do you have an airport close at hand that you could arrange a tour of or some type of visit? Sometimes organisations that you least expect to do much for you will help a lot if they know it's someone linked to their own professional background.

Personally I find ebay a goldmine of useful books when it comes to more specialised interests so even try casting your eye over that.

It's hard to think of much else when your specific circumstances are unclear (e.g. care home, day care centre, at home, transport options etc) and your gentleman's abilities, but hope that helps at least a little.

take care
Kay E 26th Aug 2022 Activities

What's the Odd One Out?

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Kay E 30th Sep 2021 Activities

How to make Twiddlemuffs

Hi Margaret thanks so much for your kind offer! I realise you asked a while ago but I would be delighted with any donations of these if you're still interested in doing so. I'm in Scotland. We have many residents where I work with dementia that could definitely use them.

Not sure if I can post my email address here so I'll request in advance that the staff here pass it on to you if they need to edit my post. It's [email protected]. Thanks again!
Kay E 26th Mar 2020 Activities

50 Activities for the Elderly in Lockdown and Isolation

I can only see one page when I try to download it, can someone please check this for me? Thanks!
Kay 26th Jul 2019 Activities



Anyone done or planning any activities this week/weekend for the 50th anniversary moon landing? I'd love some ideas. Thanks!
Kay E 12th Jun 2018 Activities


Hi Talita, they are perfect, much appreciated! I'll be testing them out on my hubby. :)
Kay E 12th Jun 2018 Activities


Hi Solange, thanks very much ! I've edited my name slightly btw as I noticed there's another Kay here so as to distinguish us from one another.
Kay 5th Jun 2018 Activities


Hi, I am brand new to this role and so grateful for Golden Carers and to the community here for all that you do for newbies like me! I was wondering if anyone's got ideas for a FIFA World Cup 2018 themed party/event? It launches 14th June in Russia.

Also any thoughts please on footie related activities over the month it runs would be appreciated. I feel it would be nice to offer something more than just watching the matches. Many of our residents have dementia.

I'm in the UK and there's a real passion for football (soccer) here. I think the men in our facility would enjoy that, and probably some of the ladies too! Thanks for the help.