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Kay E 26th Mar 2020 Activities Coordinator

50 Activities for the Elderly in Lockdown and Isolation

I can only see one page when I try to download it, can someone please check this for me? Thanks!
Kay 26th Jul 2019 Activities Coordinator



Anyone done or planning any activities this week/weekend for the 50th anniversary moon landing? I'd love some ideas. Thanks!
Kay E 12th Jun 2018 Activities Coordinator


Hi Talita, they are perfect, much appreciated! I'll be testing them out on my hubby. :)
Kay E 12th Jun 2018 Activities Coordinator


Hi Solange, thanks very much ! I've edited my name slightly btw as I noticed there's another Kay here so as to distinguish us from one another.
Kay 5th Jun 2018 Activities Coordinator


Hi, I am brand new to this role and so grateful for Golden Carers and to the community here for all that you do for newbies like me! I was wondering if anyone's got ideas for a FIFA World Cup 2018 themed party/event? It launches 14th June in Russia.

Also any thoughts please on footie related activities over the month it runs would be appreciated. I feel it would be nice to offer something more than just watching the matches. Many of our residents have dementia.

I'm in the UK and there's a real passion for football (soccer) here. I think the men in our facility would enjoy that, and probably some of the ladies too! Thanks for the help.