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LifeStyle Officer From Victoria, Australia

About Nieke: I was born in Jakarta Indonesia.
Relocated to Sydney in April 2009
I have been working in Aged Care Industry since 2011, currently I am working as LIfeStyle Officer with Aveo Freedom Hawthorn

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Nieke 21st Jun 2021 LifeStyle Officer


Thank you so much for the response. I appreciate it..
Nieke 18th Jun 2021 LifeStyle Officer


I am working for a small independent living, a female resident had passed away and I would like to put her picture and something to hounour her in the lounge so other residents will aware of her passing. I need suggestion what to put beside her picture, what shall I write?
above her picture. In memory of ... and the DOB and day of passing?
Please advise.

Much appreciated and thank you.

Nieke 28th Jan 2020 LifeStyle Officer

Playing Cards: All-Inclusive Games for Seniors

How to play Ahoy card games...
Please help
Nieke 14th Aug 2019 LifeStyle Officer


What action should I take if a person presents as unfit to participate in a leisure activity or becomes unwell during an activity?