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Activity 17th Jun 2024 Leisure & Lifestyle
Hi I've been told I'm not good at writing plans for all of the activities we do. I filled in our form but the hired mentor picked them apart. I wrote what we actually do but the woman had her own ideas. I'm left not knowing how to do it. I've searched the internet but can only find business writing skills or activity plans for clients not the plan for each actual activity. Any suggestions? I've studied at a ba level politics so I'm not sure how I'm so wrong.
Susan 17th Jun 2024 Activity Director
Hi Actively
Without seeing What was written It’s hard for me to comment on that but these articles might help you.
I have had supposed experts, rip apart my activity calendar, but in the end, I know the residents
I kept doing what I was doing
These mentors or supposed experts, are paid to redo what you do
So, even if your evaluation‘s are really good, they may not find that to be the case
As I said, I would have to send example for me, too give my opinion

Activity 18th Jun 2024 Leisure & Lifestyle
Hi thanks so much! Well, I didn't have it in point form so it was paragraphs the reader had to read. I had a lot of detail whereas the expert kept it to the bare bones. I wrote for pet therapy handlers should bring in their own towels and the expert said if animals were or poo they should not come to the facility. Pets are essentially now not allowed. I wrote that residents should wash their hands after and expert said wash before and after handling animal. Today I re did some gardening plans using the most basic point forms.
Gigi 20th Jun 2024 Director of Recreation Therapy
What is your position? A.L. or SNF? What do you mean by writing plans...the monthly calendar?
What is your 'form'?
If you're a director of recreation you only need a calendar w/ generic terms-
2:00 bowling; 3:00 painting class

Who are you doing this for?
Activity 20th Jun 2024 Leisure & Lifestyle
Leisure and lifestyle officer I am to write how to do every activity such as bingo and those instructions are to be placed in a box made up with all the items such as gardening or art so that any person can pick up that box and run an activity.
Activity 20th Jun 2024 Leisure & Lifestyle
I am doing this for the care manager and facility manager to update 10 year old program paperwork.
Form is lifestyle activity plan and specific activity risk assessment
Rachael 2nd Jul 2024 Student
Hi there - guessing you are in Australia from the flag ????. The Aged Care Safety and Quality Commission have guidelines. As they do the accreditation for homes, if you follow there guidelines you can't go wrong. You can also use their guidelines to advocate for pets in the home (excrement and all) especially if it's what your residents want.
Rachael 2nd Jul 2024 Student
Actually double look of the flag I may have that wrong. Glasses where you be ????
Activity 3rd Jul 2024 Leisure & Lifestyle
Thank you folks for the replies yes I'm from Australia.
Activity 3rd Jul 2024 Leisure & Lifestyle
Rachael, is there any specific content in the guidelines that you refer to?

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