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National Registrated Diversional Therapist From Northland, New Zealand

About Lifestyle: I am head of Department of Lifestyle and Leisure. I work for Claud Switzer Residential care home in Kaitaia of around 100 residents, I started off as Care partner for 2 yrs and decided to become a DT. have been trained now for 5yrs. Work with a team of 5, over see the volunteers which a list of around 50

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Lifestyle 8th Feb 2023 National Registrated Diversional Therapist

Romantic Poems

A wonderful tool for anyone who wants to use activities for the elderly. In residental or independent living. I am a registered DT and use it on a daily basis, I encourage the team to use it as well. The planning is already done so helpful and stress free. Why wouldn't you. Thanks again
Lifestyle 29th Dec 2022 National Registrated Diversional Therapist

Countdown to Noon!

what a great idea, easy pezy