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Frank 30th May 2024 program Director
Are their any easy activities for our men with dementia
Susan 30th May 2024 Activity Director
Hi Frank
Golden Carers has a number of activities for men with dementia. Let me know if these meet your needs a lot is trial and error.
Let me know if you have any specific concerns
Antonia 30th May 2024 Occupational Therapist
I would love this too :)
CGV 6th Jun 2024 Recreation and Rehab Manager
Hello Frank,

3 ideas:
1. nuts bolts and washers. from your local hardware. Larger the better. But not too heavy. Amazon Company ( Melisa and Doug toys) have a similar set in wood. 4-5 men . supervised, for dementia and rehab (fingers).
2. Large deck of cards. 21 game/Blackjack. with cards facing up for each player. Coffee with Bailey coffee cream (non alcohol). Assist small group of men.
3. Vintage Vehicle Program. discussion, photos, name the vehicle, then color Talk about old engines, transmissions, 4barrel , 2 carb, muscle cars, ect. Vintage Coloring Books. Amazon Company
Darla, CGV Therapist
Diane 8th Jun 2024 Activity Coordinator
My men often enjoyed sanding blocks of wood or items made from wood. Painting these items is fun too.
One resident's daughter brought a Hot Wheels track and cars and they would have races.
Casting and reeling in a fishing line (with a weight on the end) was fun. Lay a hula hoop in the yard and try getting the weight into the hoop.
Susan 14th Jun 2024 Activity Director
Hi Cgv and Diane
Thanks for the info. It’s very helpful.

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