10 Sensory Activities for Men

10 Sensory Activities for Men

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Struggling to find ideas for men-specific sensory stimulation experiences? Try these for inspiration.

Sensory stimulation experiences are often easier to plan for women. However, men can benefit from sensory kits too. Here are some ideas and inspiration to get you started.

In this article we cover:

  • 9 Benefits of Sensory Stimulation
  • How Sensory Stimulation Works
  • Challenges with Male Residents
  • 10 Sensory Ideas for Men to Get You Started

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Susan 27th Mar 2021 Activity Director
Hi Linda
Thank you for sharing this
Linda 25th Mar 2021 Recreation Therapist
I find footy tipping for the entire season is very time consuming. I do footy tipping only on the main games and make payouts for those games featured for footy tipping all tips are gathered the game played and the winners paid it's is $1 to play per tip
It's quick it engages those playing as well as those watching the tippers picks
Angela 22nd Mar 2021 Support Worker
Thanks for the positive comments. I find using the footy or any club season as an anchor for other activities encourages communication in a fun and relaxed atmosphere where we don't judge, we just enjoy everyone's company as they all have something to offer. It also gives the guys something to look forward to each week and it encourages them to keep engaged with what happens through the week by following any player changes on the news. All levels can engage.
The interesting thing I also note, is when their families realize what we are doing, they often rush out and buy the jerseys as they know it would increase their joy being part of their footy following group.
Kae 20th Mar 2021 Manager Lifestyle
Thankyou very helpful
Susan 17th Mar 2021 Activity Director
Hi Angela
Thanks for sharing this information
It sounds like a lot of fun
Angela 16th Mar 2021 Support Worker
When we watch specific footy matches where we know our residents follow the team, we encourage the residents to put on their club jerseys and listen to the tv while sipping on a small can of beer, have some nibbles and talk about the players and listen along with the commentary. We have a large whiteboard of all the teams displayed where we add the points each week. We use the footy season as an anchor to provide other activities from., eg tossing a football around in a group, playing cards that have their favourite players on them.
Sally 16th Mar 2021 Lifestyle Coordinator
Wow! These are great suggestions, our dementia specific wing is predominantly male and not all are at the same level of cognitive decline. Thank you for these small group activities.
Ann 16th Mar 2021 HCA
Some great ideas here that I certainly will try... thanks