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HCA From County Kildare, Ireland

About Ann : Carer for 13 plus years and passionate about working with people living with dementia

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Ann 25th Jul 2021 HCA

Cooking Magic Scones

Sounds delicious and so easy to make too... Can't wait to try this recipe for myself
Ann 25th Jul 2021 HCA

Find the Rhyming Words Quiz

Love this simple easy quiz... Great for filling short blocks of time and everyone can have a quess too.
Ann 10th Jul 2021 HCA

Confucius Motivational Quotes II

Another great idea
Ann 10th Jul 2021 HCA

Add a Rhyming Word Quiz

I love this simple quiz idea and definitely going to try it out because it is so inclusive and multiple possible answers too.
Ann 4th Jul 2021 HCA

How to Overcome Common Dementia Challenges in Group Activities

I absolutely agree that it's about the inclusive experience and sense of achievement and not the finished product ... Thank you for this great site
Ann 11th May 2021 HCA

Spring Party

Thank you for the super ideas and tips... I even get excited reading about all the wonderful events you bring us.
Ann 16th Mar 2021 HCA

10 Sensory Activities for Men

Some great ideas here that I certainly will try... thanks
Ann 26th Jan 2021 HCA

Jokes - One Liners

Brilliant and so short and sweet too.. Perfect to list any mood thanks again
Ann 26th Jan 2021 HCA

Smart & Humorous One-Liners

So happy to have joined and just finding my way around the activities... Loved reading these jokes and stories... Definitely so worth joining... Looking forward to getting stuck right in... Thank you
Ann 6th Feb 2020 HCA

Pressed Flowers

I have just come across this brilliant site and I think it is amazing. Such great ideas and lots of feedback too. I am planning on developing my knowledge in this area as I am passionate about those living with dementia. As a longtime HCA I have learned a lot from my clients and am never happier than when seeing a smile on their face. Thank you.