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Stacy 6th Sep 2022 Life Enrichment Director
I appreciate the hard work that went into this and our gentlemen liked it but I would like to add that they were somewhat disappointed. Since the title is about Classic Cars, our group was expecting more American made cars that they would have known throughout their life. For example, there were no Model T's, no Volkswagon bugs, no Studebakers etc. This activity had more to do with foreign cars. In hopes that someone can do a similar activity with just American made cars.
Susan 6th Sep 2022 Activity Director
Hi Stacy
Must remember that this website has members from all over the world
Here are some activities that might help you
You might like to ask some of the residents to do a color by number car picture

You and your residents could make an activity that features cars they are interested in
Then you could share this with the group
The residents would be proud to share an activity with the golden carers members
Susan 6th Sep 2022 Activity Director
Hi again Stacy
You could use this car bingo also
Simeon 15th Mar 2022 Therapeutic Recreation
love this idea! Well done
Talita 15th Jun 2021
This fabulous quiz submitted by Janelle has now been updated to our new image quiz format so that you can launch it directly from your browser in a presentation-style format, or print it out.
Linda 20th Apr 2021 Virtual Programer
Thank you Janelle, and Maurice for making this available for Power Point. This was a huge success with my clients on my online classes. They loved it!

Talita 26th Apr 2021
That's so good to hear Linda! Thanks for letting us know x
Susan 18th Apr 2021 Activity Director
Hi Kristin
Thank you for your kind words
Kristin 18th Apr 2021 Activity Coordinator
The gentlemen in my Memory Care neighborhoods will love this. Thank you for all of the work you put into this!
Linda 1st Apr 2021 Virtual Programer
Guess I'm not able to make this quiz into a Power Point Presentation.....I came across
this problem before.....Just cannot copy and paste photo to use on Power Point.

Such a folks would have loved this quiz. I work with dementia/Alzheimer's folks printing out doesn't work for me.

You did a great job on this though!
Susan 2nd Apr 2021 Activity Director
Hi Linda
Try to connect with Pendar
She could probably use your help
Maurice 3rd Apr 2021
Hi Linda!

We are working on an exciting new way to handle Image Quizzes.

However - in the meantime, I've converted this PDF into a Word Document and PowerPoint so you can use it :)
Talita 30th Nov 2020
Please do Janelle, this was a great quiz!
Janelle 25th Nov 2020 Therapeutic Recreation
Thank you so much!! I just realized this was accepted. I will try to add more activities soon!!
Nancy 20th Nov 2020 Manager
THis is an awesome activity....just one thought being that I'm fairly clueless......are the names of the cars available???
Talita 20th Nov 2020
Thanks for your feedback Nancy! The names of the cars should be on the last page.
Talita 18th Sep 2020
Wow Janelle, so much work in this one! Thank you for sharing!