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Linda 25th Apr 2021 Virtual Programer

What Am I Quiz #1

I LOVE these new Play Quizzes. How do I save them to put on my Zoom screen at a later date for clients to see?
I've tried a few things, but can't seem to make anything work......
Linda 20th Apr 2021 Virtual Programer

Guess the Classic Car Quiz

Thank you Janelle, and Maurice for making this available for Power Point. This was a huge success with my clients on my online classes. They loved it!

Linda 7th Apr 2021 Virtual Programer

30 Easter Celebration Ideas, Songs & Poems

Hi Pendar,
I was the director of a social day program for 8-1/2 years (although with the company for 11-1/2). When we closed last March due to the pandemic I couldn't stand watching my clients decline at such a quick pace. I went on Zoom and found out how to make get togethers work for my clients. I did this a few times and finally threw in a quiz one time...Magic...I have been running one hour classes ever since. I run six per week. 3 afternoon and 3 evenings. It is wonderful to see folks respond to what I offer. We do 15 minutes of varied exercise. quizzes, I then offer a Power Point Presentation with anywhere up to 75 slides and walk the thru with descriptions and background. We listen to music, have sing a longs, dress up for holidays and laugh a lot...We have gone skydiving, on a cruise, touring Victorian homes, visited zoos, studied animals, birds, galaxies and on and on. I so enjoy interacting with folks online....
Let me know what you have in mind....and we can see if we can make this work.
All the best,
Linda O'Donnell
Linda 1st Apr 2021 Virtual Programer

Guess the Classic Car Quiz

Guess I'm not able to make this quiz into a Power Point Presentation.....I came across
this problem before.....Just cannot copy and paste photo to use on Power Point.

Such a folks would have loved this quiz. I work with dementia/Alzheimer's folks printing out doesn't work for me.

You did a great job on this though!
Linda 16th Feb 2021 Virtual Programer

Words in Words Game 7

I love your new Words in Words Game slideshows. Can you please tell me how
I may incorporate them in my Zoom classes?
Linda 27th Jan 2021 Virtual Programer


YES! This is an awesome quiz. Thanks so much!
Linda 20th Jan 2021 Virtual Programer

Hawaiian Luau Party

I make it a point to put together a "formal" invitation for special
events or presentations. Makes the activity sound more special
and being from the "old school" they have a tendency to respond.