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Linda 22nd Sep 2022 Recreation Therapist

Five Ways to Spice Up Your Exercise Program

You have not included brain gym exercises
Linda 14th Sep 2022 Recreation Therapist


Maths as a group activity in memory support is a fun group activity that has everyone engaged with confidence
Older persons maths skills are stronger than later generations
Maths was learnt by rote the rolling of black boards with times tables written up so as a group sing the 5 times tables all from memory
Linda 14th Sep 2022 Recreation Therapist

Rhythm Activity with Percussion Instruments

With memory support residents the loudness of a group percussion instruments is frightening
Linda 3rd Aug 2022 Recreation Therapist


The game finish the proverbs
I don't use cards as many of the residents no longer have the ability to read
Using the well know proverbs I give the group the first half of the proverb encouraging residents to verbalise the finish end of that proverb this encourages them to verbalise
Linda 1st Aug 2022 Recreation Therapist


This is a great idea for those residents who are still able to read
I like to encourage - courage in the residents by creating a competitive edge, not stating a answer is incorrect, but acknowledging it was a great answer from that person answering, and not singling out anyone to answer
Everyone sits in a group setting and I take my arm roaming from one side of the group to the other to encourage answers from both sides of the group
Linda 19th Jul 2022 Recreation Therapist


Diversional therapists and lifestyle qualified workers are not valued for their assessment capability and when engaged with dementia study qualifications the board spectrum our work carries
We offer more than a spoonful of sugar we have not been aligned on the ladder with allied health professionals as we should be

Linda 19th Jul 2022 Recreation Therapist


Her visa is her responsibility not yours
Regards Linda
Linda 19th Jul 2022 Recreation Therapist


Hi Lina
I do/find the needs of the resident thru my interactions with them
Games, exercises,you will gain from this the physical cognitive abilities behaviors of the person
Trust this gives you a direction guideline
Regarxs Linda
Linda 19th Jul 2022 Recreation Therapist


Observing cultural differences
I see this as age defined as well as country of birth of a person
table service
Older persons have a set standard for table presentation for meal times
This is a must within community living
It serves as a bringing together of families and friends to share foods but also to offer friendships between people
And cultural dictates how the table is set/presented for the older person
And this must be taken care of to present the dining tables to observe /honour this standard of our older persons lifestyle practises in care
Bread and butter plate cup and saucer service table napkins
Food is/was important to these people we must support this by supporting thier pride in table setting
Linda 10th May 2022 Recreation Therapist


Regarding activities for Men
Our men actually join and attend the local Men's Shed
It broadens their outlook, and they are able to have input with their skills at the
Men's Shed group. It gives them something to talk within the Age Care facility, outside community news that they are an active member of
The particular Men's Shed restores old ride on mowers and converts the power from the blades to the engine and they race them at a local race meet, for other Men's Sheds converted mowers
It's wonderful and keeps life skills alive