Men’s activities are challenging! The best way to find meaningful activities for men is to uncover past lifestyle choices and history - you can gather this information from residents and their families. Here are 8 tips for engaging men in meaningful activities.
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Men’s activities are challenging! They often don’t care for the sorts of activities that women enjoy. They have different interests and needs.

The best way to find meaningful activities for men is to uncover past lifestyle choices and history - you can gather this information from residents and their families.

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8 Tips for Engaging Men in Meaningful Activities

1. Find out what your clients did for a living. Remember that most of the generation in your care worked very hard and many were the sole breadwinners of their families.

For example a man that worked in an office and wore a shirt and tie may have shone his shoes daily. Enable him to shine his our shoes!

A man who worked with his hands on a farm will find satisfaction and a sense of purpose by helping out around your facility. Encourage him to do small tasks, help clean or fix things in garden or yard.

2. Find out what interested them. Just as women love to chat about children and cooking, men love to chat about things that interest them. This may be sports, politics or hobbies like fishing or golf. Just having an opinion heard can make a man feel fulfilled and valued.

3. Provide social opportunities. Interacting with other men will help reduce social isolation and provide men with an opportunity to build friendships.

Men's groups can be hard to establish but they are well worth the effort. You just need to keep trying. If you get two to come along, think of that as a positive achievement and keep persevering.

Men's Group Ideas

If possible, see if you can find a male volunteer to run the group. It does make a difference. Ask a man working at your facility - the maintenance man, the chef, even your boss!

  • Breakfast club. Start the day off on a pleasant note. Ask them to choose what they would like to have for breakfast - maybe something they haven’t had in a while.
  • Happy hour. Happy hour is a great opportunity for men to bond with lighthearted trivia, quizzes and discussion. You could also read the newspaper together and discuss current events.
  • Pub Crawl. This is fun and entertaining way to spend a few hours. Visit two or three pubs for a cider or beer (or a cup coffee).
  • Garden Club. Many men love to garden. Try raised garden beds and grow some vegetables or strawberries. They will enjoy planting seeds and tending to them with water.
    Gardening for Men
    Weather Station Activities

4. Volunteers add a fresh perspective. Seek men in the community to lead a discussion with your men's group. For example, many elderly men have served in the military and would enjoy a discussion with an active military man. Find men who had similar occupations or interests - businessmen, farmers, mechanics or truck drivers.

5. Everyone loves children. Try to get a local daycare or school group to visit. Men love interacting with children and playing games with them. The mere presence of children is uplifting.

Fishing Competition
Paper Planes Reminiscing Game
Bean Bag Toss
More Intergenerationl Activities

6. Outings are revitalizing. Gather a small group with similar interests and spend half a day away from the facility. Visit a railway or aircraft museums or attend a car convention.

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7. Send Personal Invitations. Advanced notice seems to really help. Send men personal invitations to attend specially programmed men’s activities. Special touches make them feel valued.

8. Brain Activities for Men. Keep men engaged and stimulated with fun and challenging brain games like quizzes, spot the differences, hangman and more. Men usually enjoy games involving strategy like card games and board games.

Cars Quiz, Trivia & Word Search
Name the Aircraft Quiz
Spot the Differences
Creative Thinking Exercises
Word Games

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Evette 23rd Nov 2022
Thank you for sharing activities for men.We would love to be part of your free activities when available.
Simran 30th May 2022
I had run the mens group as in outing to sports bar or Bunnings for coffee I didn’t have big group but still I got 3 men in that which were very much look forward to go out for theee type of activities as in Bunnings we talk about hard tools and then after we all hv our coffee and at sports bar we play pool game all together and Have pizza n beer with it. It was a great achievement and loved by those who attended it.
Susan 23rd May 2021 Activity Director
Hi Laurie Ann
Thanks for sharing this information
Sounds great
Laurie Ann 22nd May 2021 Recreation Manager
We had a Vintage Car Men's Club using your templates. It was a huge success! Each man talked about their first car and their favourite car.
All the attendees brought photo albums of their cars, trucks, and RV's.
With the Light Beer, there was lots of laughter and fun. Thank you immensely for sharing this engaging topic. It was also interesting that each man at some point had a station wagon for the family!
Talita 24th May 2021
Thank you so much for your feedback Laurie Ann x
Bettie 17th Oct 2019
Our facility offers Beers, Blokes and Barber once a month. The guys go to the barber and have a beer for a social hour.
Fanua 31st Jul 2018
Thanks for sharing your helpful ideas I pick up some new activities suitable for men at our facility. Thank you so much Golden Cares and team.
Talita 5th Aug 2018
Thank you so much for taking the time to leave this feedback Fanua, it is very much appreciated.
Mary 13th Mar 2018 Trainer,Assessor Aged, Community,Disability
I am so thankful for all the contributors to Golden carers. The ideas and helpful hints are such a benefit when I am training students who are then empowered to take back into the community with strategies they can focus on and evidence base to others the best quality of life practice and the understanding of Holistic health. So many businesses have such old practices, business and medical models of care which will take a big effort from every sector of the community to change but in small ways it is happening. Thank you Golden carers and wonderful contributors.
Talita 17th Mar 2018
Thanks so much for your feedback Mary, it means so much to us! x
jenny kirk 21st Nov 2017
loving your help. Thanks for sharing
As my respite service is government I have no budget to join or pay for activities but pick up what I can from your free suggestions thank you
Talita 26th Nov 2017
Thanks so much for your feedback Jenny, we appreciate it very much!
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