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Morgan 19th Jun 2016 Diversional therapist
Once a month our men meet with men from other resthomes at the local workingmens club. The club looks after us very well and has provided a table or two down by the pool tables(as well as turning of any distacting music) We meet between 1pm and 3pm and family memebers are encouraged to come along. They may drink what ever they wish, however two alcoholic drinks are the limit dues to most of them being hospital level care. We let the conversation roll.and discuss mostly sport and the news of the day, Should conversation run quiet we do a quiz but once a few fo these men get to know what is expected with in the soical culture they pick the conversation up themselves for those who cannot. A very worth while leisure time that is always looked forward to by both men and the DTs!
sandra 21st Dec 2015 Activities Coordinator
we do a men's group once a fortnight in the afternoons. I set up a table with drinks and nibbles and we sit and discuss we are going on a day trip over to Mount manganui (about an hour and half drive away) and we are going to have a look at the ships coming in and we are going to have fish n chips on the beach. The men are really excited about this and are all talking about it!! We are also getting in guest speakers eg from Fonterra and anchor, and are also looking at going other places for the day as well xx
Irene 25th May 2015 Planned Activity Support Worker
I would like more craft activities for a men's shed PAG ,,,
Linda 13th Jul 2013 Recreation Therapist
I am looking for gourds for craft activities
I will grow some this spring but am hoping someone out there has some from a crop they grew
great for music/ left complete and painted and decorated
Carol 12th Jun 2013 Lifestyle and Leisure Co-ordinator
Hi Iris Maree, We accessed the horse and cart through Coleraine near Hamilton. I think it is a fair way from you however if you contacted the local riding schools or racing stables they would probably be able to get you I contact with someone. Carol
karen 10th Jun 2013 trainer
Go to the local hardware store, Bunning's, Masters just to name a few, if you are lucky there will be a sausage sizzle great way to discuss tools, reminisce etc. They stores sometimes have mini work shops.
Lynette 5th Jun 2013 Chief Executive Officer
Hi Carol I am Iris Maree at Donwood Vic. I would love to know where you accessed yor horse and carriage
Thanks Iris
Carol 1st Jun 2013 Lifestyle and Leisure Co-ordinator
We also have Mens days once a month but we meet up with 4 other facilities a well so that they can socialise with the other men and renew friendships. We have had riverboat cruises, outings to hotels for lunch, horse and carriage rides and once we even had a plane ride. Great for socialization and for mens morale.
debbie 28th May 2013 day centre coordinator
Hi, Iam involved with running a day centre . we have a dedicated mens day outing every month and visit " Mens Places!!" This often is a source of conversation with the women at our centre . They all want to know what the men get up to on their day trips out. I always say I never kiss and tell!!.
As they say "what goes on on mens day stays with mens day". Its amazing what they think we get up to and often ask to come along. But the trouth of the matter is they are very well behaved and just have a lovely day socialising with each other. Its fun to keep the others guessing though.

Cheers Debbie