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Morgan 26th Mar 2017 Diversional therapist


1x1 prior to the activity...1x1 foot rub or 1x1 shopping trip
Morgan 21st Sep 2016 Diversional therapist

Peace Maker Profiles

could you add a woman peace maker please...
Morgan 25th Aug 2016 Diversional therapist

Fill out the form please

A good way to find out if the resident is literate..and a means of diversion ..I am thinking of a percific individual whos behaviour deteriates every now and him a basic clear form on a clip board to fill in would divert his interest and provide esteem and calm him well. .. I digress and think these forms might be extended to include interests and hobbies..and could be used inormally to initiate volanteers. Or with permission from family..posted on a board the community can see who is in the unit and how there life experience relates to the individuals in care. Ie shared interest in marine animals... ex-truckies ..past and present feminists,etc..could be quiet fun.
Morgan 21st Jul 2016 Diversional therapist

The Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation for the Elderly

I do once or twice a week with in the exercise frame...a guided relaxation and or visualisation...which the residents enjoy. I make it clear we are exercising our imaginations...and this can be done with eyes closed or open... Give a brief outline of what is to come...the story...the exercise I now ask them where they would like to go..beach ..bush.. cloud.. Use the breath at the beigining and end to centre the mind and relax the body as well as at the end ..breathing to reinitiate to the present moment. I was surprised to find that this was once established and they knew what was expected of the event and themselves how much they looked forward to the roaming around in their memories. Keep the story telling to what is culturally familiar as new material is a shock within the restfulness of the inner reflection....nature air wind sun water all healing and relaxing
Morgan 5th Jul 2016 Diversional therapist


firstly I forwarn them that there co resident is not well.....and this is done they are prepared for the end. If it is some one who is socially very contected I will in the early stages of dying encourage a visit, often going along with them. Friendships are maintained as much a possible. THe staff often will tell a resident that some one has died and I will tell the group at morning tea. This is done carefully and does change in approach depending on who has died and how they are connected to the social group. I ask if anyone wishes to go to the funeral or if they would like to hold one of our own. The latter is often the choise, These rituals are highly personal..I gather names of attendies..what they would like to do in the celebration of this life (poems songs remeniscence we decide when we are going to do this and gather in an intimate group and give our best for this person.(inform staff ..either to attend or keep the meeting area quiet and private) I then form a order of service and lead the ritual thru our intentions. not all residents want to do this and this is creates a clear group with a clear intention..we however as a whole group send a card to the family ..with notes of honor and respect fo this person..I guess to do this you have to be first comfortable with death and the implications on us as a social group. Embrase this phase of life as normal and bring forward what we culturally normally do with in our communities. Allow the residendents to decide what they would like to do...hugely important and it will surprise you the talents and care in which a service will unfold be prepared for some real heart rendering beautiful wise wonderful ritual content. The closer the friendship bond with the one who has died the more one to one care is required.
Morgan 27th Jun 2016 Diversional therapist

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Morgan 27th Jun 2016 Diversional therapist

Words in Words Game

Another sucessful word game we play is..beat the alphabet. List the alphabet ..leaving room to add on the found word. Provide a theme to work within...Names...Countries, famous people , diseases, etc..and then work thru the alphabet..If we get stuck on a letter we leave it and move on ...asking staff family and residents through out the morning to problem solve too.
Morgan 19th Jun 2016 Diversional therapist

Men's Business - Outings

Once a month our men meet with men from other resthomes at the local workingmens club. The club looks after us very well and has provided a table or two down by the pool tables(as well as turning of any distacting music) We meet between 1pm and 3pm and family memebers are encouraged to come along. They may drink what ever they wish, however two alcoholic drinks are the limit dues to most of them being hospital level care. We let the conversation roll.and discuss mostly sport and the news of the day, Should conversation run quiet we do a quiz but once a few fo these men get to know what is expected with in the soical culture they pick the conversation up themselves for those who cannot. A very worth while leisure time that is always looked forward to by both men and the DTs!
Morgan 15th Jun 2016 Diversional therapist


we have annual visit from a local kindergarten ...with both partys singing songs together and sharing food... poetry and one to one visiting encouraged... It is mainly driven by teachers and DT as both groups are still new to this new year celebration...