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Lynette 13th Mar 2016 Chief Executive Officer

April Fools Day Crossword

is anyone else having issues opening and or down loading this crossword
Lynette 4th Jul 2013 Chief Executive Officer

Armchair Travel: A Sensory Experience for Seniors

hi carol,we had an indian boy doing his placement with us at the time and he made and indian rice pudding that was not spicy and tasted really good. we had taste testing samples of indian finger food,,also he shown us a turban that the men wear in India and unravelled it. we were so suprised how long a turban is. the fabric went for many metres long , the turbans were wrapped on a few willing residents heads and we took lots of pictures ,,we all asked lots of questions while he was dressing us up in turbans,,,Very interesting
Lynette 5th Jun 2013 Chief Executive Officer

Men's Business - Outings

Hi Carol I am Iris Maree at Donwood Vic. I would love to know where you accessed yor horse and carriage
Thanks Iris