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carol 28th Jul 2013 activities team leader

Hi! Karin, We have 90 residents in three units, High care, Low care and a Dementia unit.
we have one staff each day per unit, the team leader has three days off the floor each week to take care of planning, calendars and care plans, so three days of the week there are four staff in total for life style.
carol 18th Jun 2013 activities team leader

Winter Craft – Snow Flakes

loved this craft idea, some of the residents could not do the fine cutting, but all enjoyed the end result, looks quite effective on black paper
carol 5th Jun 2013 activities team leader

with our dementia care unit, we offer lunch outings for some to local sports clubs, afternoon tea outings when the weather is good to local parks and take a picnic afternoon tea / or by the sea at a park with a picnic afternoon tea, also scenic drives and on the way home we always stop and buy a MacDonald's ice cream and this always goes down a treat.
carol 5th Jun 2013 activities team leader

Armchair Travel: A Sensory Experience for Seniors

armchair travel with an Indian themed lunch, also if you have Indian staff they could wear their saris to work, we have done this for Indian and Sri Lankan themed days
carol 27th May 2013 activities team leader

Men's Business - Outings

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