Hand-eye coordination. Upper body movements (exercise).
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Hand-eye coordination. Upper body movements (exercise).


  • Fish shapes cut from cardboard or construction paper. Download some of the fish templates provided and create the fish in a 'Craft' session, ask residents to paint them in colourful tones.
  • Magnets
  • Yarn/thread
  • Any light cylindrical wooden stick (approximately 1 metre) will do, it must not be heavy for safety reasons)
  • Paper clips
  • Glue


  • Glue magnets on the back of fish (at least one dozen fish are required).
  • Attach yarn to one end of cylindrical stick and place a paper clip at the other end, to attract magnet. Alternatively you may glue another magnet to the end of rope; it makes for a stronger pull. That's the fishing rod!


  • Sit residents in a circle ( 3 or 4 residents) with the fish in the middle on the floor. Give each a straw hat to play the part.
  • To the count of three residents start 'fishing'. The idea is to attract the magnet on the fishes with the 'hook' (paper clips).
  • When a resident manages to catch a fish assist with taking the fish off the hook so he may resume fishing.
  • The game finishes when there are no more fish in the 'pond'.
  • The best fisherman (the one with the most fish) is crowned the winner and gets a prize. Prize suggestions: a bag of marshmallows or a packet of savoury biscuits.
  • Repeat the game with another 4 residents.


Files included:

Download Image


Download Image


Download Image


Download Image


Download Image

Humpback Whale

Download Image

String Ray

Download Image


Download Image


Download Image

Reef Fish

Download Image

Butterfly Fish

Download Image

Seahorse 2

Download Image

Seaweed 2

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Ligaya 4th Sep 2017 Work In An Activity Center
Lots of nice tips. This I should try with jokes, wisdom words and questions
SANDRA 27th Feb 2014
Perhaps this game could be used in reminiscing also, having a quesition on the back of the fish as a conversation starter.
Solange 31st Aug 2012 Diversional Therapist
Thank you Heather. I have also excellent feedback with this game.
Heather 30th Aug 2012 Diversional Therapist / carer
This activity was a great success in our memory support unit (palmwoods QLD) Thanks for a fantastic site
Shirley 12th Nov 2011 Recreation Officer
This activity worked well to celebrate the opening
of the Fishing Season in October - Many Thanks - Shirley NSW
Marilyn 11th Oct 2010 Lifestyle support - aged care
Well, it was great fun as I predicted .. but NOT with the men. Instead, our women wanted to go fishing! Just proves the point ... NEVER assume!
Marilyn 14th Sep 2010 Lifestyle support - aged care
Thanks guys! This will be such fun to do with the men in the memory support unit ... I will let you know how it goes!! Marilyn
Rosemary 13th Sep 2010 Diversional Therapist
HI There
I try this activity on my residents, I had numbers on the back of the fish & who ever got the highest won 1st prize
Solange 24th May 2010 Diversional Therapist
Hi Gerry,
Great idea placing the jokes on your 'pond'. You can also write the name of a song on the back of the fish and the participant will have to sing it. If too shy to do so, ask the other participants to help.
gerry 19th May 2010 therapist/carer
we have made the fishing game from bright coloured fish from the internet we have put jokes on the back and the residents have to catch the fish and read the joke, sometimes with our help gerry from bindaree
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