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Lizzie 2nd Jun 2023 Activities Leader


We are going a armchair travel to India is there a India themed Bingo available or are you able to make one? Many thanks Lizzie
Lizzie 1st Jun 2023 Activities Leader

Fishing Game

Hello, we have just had fun painting these sea fish and creatures, and we have now had lots of fun playing the game, we used a small paddling pool to put the fish in. Hope you like our photos
Lizzie 17th Feb 2023 Activities Leader

Heart of Kindness

We made this heart in time for Valentine's Day. My residents had great fun painting the seperate panels and when we put it all together they were amazed. We laminated each panel before glueing it together to give it stability. We are not allowed to put things on the walls, so we hung it from the ceiling. Everything thought it was lovely. What do you think? X
Lizzie 30th Jan 2023 Activities Leader

Dragon Group Craft

Hello, we made these for Chinese New Year and my residents loved them. We hung them up in the main entrance for visitors to see. They went down very well. Thank you for the templates and idea. X
Lizzie 1st Jan 2023 Activities Leader


Hello, I have just renewed my membership after spending a year with golden carers. My residents in the home where I am Activities leader, have totally enjoyed all the activities I have used from your website. Some of them are a little American based, as we live in the UK but with a few adjustments they are great. I have used your news letter template, quizzes, word games, this day in history, painting pages, seasonal topics, and many more.
Happy New Year to everyone and keep up the good work we are doing with our precious residents we are privileged to look after. ✨️ xx
Lizzie 21st Apr 2022 Activities Leader

How to start a Garden Club for Seniors

Hello we have had a indoor garden activity where we were sowing sunflower seeds. Each resident put one sunflower seed in a pot of compost, we labeled each pot with the residents name. Later we will see who's sunflower grows the biggest and they will receive a prize. Fingers crossed they all grow!