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Nikki 11th Apr 2022 Day Centre Coordinator

Egg Carton ANZAC Day Wreaths

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: ANZAC Day wreaths
Nikki 8th Apr 2022 Day Centre Coordinator

DIY Easter Baskets

What a great idea!
Nikki 5th Apr 2022 Day Centre Coordinator

Easter Wreaths

Also this month, for Australians and New Zealanders: ANZAC Day wreaths. Use 2-3 egg cartons per wreath, painting each segment after cutting it from the carton. Black felt, buttons or similar are glued to the centre before attaching to the circle of cardboard, once the paint is dry.
Nikki 8th Feb 2022 Day Centre Coordinator

How to Plan Scavenger Hunts

Sounds great!
I work with people who live in the community. Our activity centre has been closed for almost 6 months due to the pandemic. I found that emailing or posting a list to each person, with items they could find at home, made this a good remote activity. For example, a family photo, something in the kitchen which is blue, an item which is more than 50 years old, a hobby or sport item, something which belonged to your elders... This is really suitable for adapting to a particular group or seasonal changes if they can see outside. Reminiscence was encouraged by looking for the older items. I'm going to follow up with a Zoom gathering after the next scavenger hunt so everyone can share their finds with others.
Nikki 7th Dec 2021 Day Centre Coordinator

13 Things You Should Know About Each Resident

Their family structure, past and present. People who didn't have children can still be grieving about that in retirement so Mothers' Day activities need to be handled with care, and the person brought up in an Orphanage may become very sad if a 'School Days' theme brings back negative memories. With knowledge we can avoid these situations.
Nikki 29th Nov 2021 Day Centre Coordinator

Christmas Quiz VI

I love the variation in degree of difficulty of these questions - perfect for the groups I support. Thank you.
Nikki 18th Oct 2021 Day Centre Coordinator

Baking Favorites NZ Word Search

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Baking Favorites NZ Word Search
Nikki 28th Sep 2021 Day Centre Coordinator


I have worked on a project where elders have completed an art challenge each week in lockdown and then those works have been brought together afterwards. Two of the weeks involved leaves (it was autumn) and birds. These where then brought together on a tree about three metres high. Placement of the birds was discussed with the group and tree branches were sketched by assistants to join them up. The elders added colour and definition to the branches and glued on the leaves which they decided to use as a frame for the finished work.
I guess the key point for me is involving the elders in the decisions, being sure to guide them with enough information about the options and considerations.
What a wonderful way to celebrate Senior's Day - Good luck!
Nikki 21st Sep 2021 Day Centre Coordinator

Sit & See Observation Bus Outing

I like the use of pictures and words on the card. I did a similar thing with words only to encourage observation on a 30 minute drive to a waterfront café. (pre pandemic) I added a couple of things at the destination such as yachts on storage shelves and the commuter ferry.
In lockdown I've used this type of card to encourage looking outdoors when Spring was beginning - 3 birds on the lawn, white blossom, a spring bulb in flower.
Another version was focused in the homes of people we'd normally have at our centre. I asked them to mark off things such as a favourite item of clothing, something they inherited, a photo with 3 generations in it. There are so many variations possible with the knowledge we have of the participants and our imaginations!
If treats can't be provided due to physical distance, I have suggested that a treat be had when the card is full - which has included 9 - 12 items to find.
Nikki 15th Sep 2021 Day Centre Coordinator

Fun With the Weather

I love this site and the thought of all of us who use it being busy enriching the lives of seniors.
I have been looking for a colouring activity which has a rainbow in the scene. I can't find one here today so if you are able to add one that would be much appreciated.
Currently I'm working from home to keep the guests at our community based programme connected and occupied. We are in our 5th week of complete lockdown - only allowed out to buy groceries, medical reasons and for limited local exercise. (Covid Delta)
I'm so looking forward to being able to reach the many guests who don't have email and therefore haven't received our weekly activities packages. Hopefully next week we will be able to post hardcopies to those seniors.