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Joanne 11th Feb 2014
thanks for the great ideas, we shall be doing these on our Winter Olympic day. We will also do "ice dancing" - A chair dancing routine to russian music.
Maria 4th Feb 2014
great idea, the snowman! we have 4 wings all high care residents and it will be a competition to involve staff if the colour teams will be 4 wings A-B-C-D. Thank you Linda
Linda 4th Feb 2014
great ideas :) We are having a snowman building competition... we will have three rubbish bin liners (white) filled to various levels with shredded paper and tied up, we have buttons for the front, craft eyes and cardboard nose to stick on, along with a hat and a scarf. It will be a race for our residents to build a snowman and stick it together using only sticky tape!
Dawn 3rd Feb 2014
Great ideas
Karin 3rd Feb 2014
A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Olympic Games Morning

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