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Trainer,Assessor Aged, Community,Disability From Victoria, Australia

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Mary 11th Feb 2020 Trainer,Assessor Aged, Community,Disability

7 Ways To Spice Up Your Newsletter

Love your newsletter tips and I would like to add some time ago residents and I organised a current affairs group where we discussed issues specific to the cohort. These ranged from seating required around their place of residence in the community to encourage walking and rest without sitting on fences to laws, regulations, tax and rights. These could be intercepted into newsletters to support knowledge of the aged sector and what the specific government representative actually does. They could even introduce a Dear Minister column. I know how empowering the residents felt. Kind regards Mary from NIET.
Mary 10th Dec 2019 Trainer,Assessor Aged, Community,Disability

8 Interventions for Culturally Diverse Seniors

With the newly introduced standards Holistic care which is our specialty in Leisure and Health Golden carers is an invaluable resource. My students have appreciated the tips that support them developing their individual tool box of activities to demonstrate their unique employability skills. Makes me proud to be their teacher and assessor and gives me hope for the future in Aged. Community and Disability sectors.
Mary 13th Mar 2018 Trainer,Assessor Aged, Community,Disability

Activities for Men

I am so thankful for all the contributors to Golden carers. The ideas and helpful hints are such a benefit when I am training students who are then empowered to take back into the community with strategies they can focus on and evidence base to others the best quality of life practice and the understanding of Holistic health. So many businesses have such old practices, business and medical models of care which will take a big effort from every sector of the community to change but in small ways it is happening. Thank you Golden carers and wonderful contributors.
Mary 6th Dec 2016 Trainer,Assessor Aged, Community,Disability

Free Activity Calendar for Seniors

Thanks for the 2017 events calendar. Just in time for my new classes Nov 2016-2017. We can design our ideas around the events which covers diversity, culture, person centered focused care and individual/group event participation
love your work! Mary Ebbott. Trainer and assessor Cert 11 individual support. Cert 1V Ageing support and Leisure and Health
Mary 12th Jan 2016 Trainer,Assessor Aged, Community,Disability

Intergenerational Activity Ideas

Thankyou for your inspiring ideas assisting my classroom training & relevant to consumer directed care. The current senate inquiry in Aged care I hope will reflects the hard work & philosophy of consumer directed care for the greater social good of all the important stakeholders which are the consumers (aged, disability, carers & leisure & health workers), & not just the company owners . All people deserve to be valued & supported to reach their individual goals with dignity. As Maslow indicated we all need food, water, accommodation & clothing but these should finite as self actualisation needs are our right of passage to a life lived. Thanking you Golden Carers once again for contributing to this philosophy.