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sandra 3rd Sep 2015 Activities Coordinator
I have just started a men's group and for the first one we had a meeting.. I gave each man in the group (5 men) the opportunity to give ideas on what they would like to do xx one suggested a speaker from the local sawmill, another wanted a speaker from the company he used to work at (Anchor) Another one suggested the local s.p.c.a bring in some animals, one was quite happy to join in with anything and the last one wants updates on what playing at the local theatre and drama plaza. We also decided to have nibbles and beer at each meeting and they were all keen on that idea (hehehe) So our next mens group is tomorrow....will be interesting to see if the same ones turn up!!
Talita 10th Feb 2018
This is wonderful Sandra, I love the ideas they came up with! Good on you for involving them in planning - that's what it's all about!
Sara 29th Jul 2014 Diversional Therapist
If you have access to a computer and locate it in the activities room and connect to internet they will love that you sit with them and show them old videos in Youtube or if they come from different countries, googling the maps is a big hit for them, as it can show even the roads of the towns where they were born, countries they travelled and tell other male residents about it. The Tennis Ballon is a big hit as well, even resident in permanent chairs love it.
Debbie 24th Oct 2012 Lifestyle & leisure Coordinator
Our residents also love balloon tennis. We use swimming noodles as bats and a balloon. We play in a circle or teams sitting opposite each other and hit the balloon over a table
Sherry Ann 15th May 2012 Recreational Activities Officer
We use plastic fly swatters. Need space between players though. :)
Solange 1st May 2011 Diversional Therapist
You can also use badminton rackets as long as you leave enough space between players. Good idea with coat hangers and stockings!
Kim 8th Feb 2018 Diversional Therapist
We also have stocking and coat hanger game, residents non annulment ok for this too!!! Loads fun!
Carmel 30th Apr 2011 Recreation Therapist
Hello to all
I have just recome a member of Golden Carers, it is a wonderful source of information. Thank you so much.
I work in a nursing home with 50 residents.They love to play balloon tennis. the bat is a wire coat hanger, slightly bent, with nylon stocking stretched over the coat hanger. bend the top of the hook close together, wrap padding tightly around and pull stocking over this. a few small balloons. this is simple but they enjoy it.
MARYANN 3rd Nov 2010 Diversional Therapist/Lifestyle Manager
hi yes l have ideas for exersise program = us a big balloon or ball residents in the circle hit kick the ball around then add another one also get a large sheet - coloured get each person to hold it, place a small ball in it then add others the idea is to keep the balls inside the sheet so residents clients have to move their arms up and down rolling the ball or they can kick the bottom of the sheet to move the balls - use good fun music MARYANN ELLIS HORSHAM SLRV