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Patti 24th Apr 2024 Activity Director
Hello Everyone!
I have a big challenge under my wing.
We have a quadriplegic here at our facility. This person is call-light happy. It was asked if the activities dept. would be able to sit with the resident 2x per day for approx. 30 minutes each.
The Challenge : Resident does not wish to get up and interact with others. Aside from, painting nails, giving hand/arm rubs, reading psalms, reading books...... what could we do for her? HELP!
Susan 26th Apr 2024 Activity Director
Hi Patty
First I am sure you have assessed this persons interests both past and present
Can this person write
Perhaps the staff and resident could do word searches together
You could get a card stand and play card games together
Use this person’s brain
Have the residents help Staff to design a newsletter or write a story for the group of course you do the writing
Perhaps they could help design an activity
Does this person like to sing
What about trivia?
What about math activities?
Here are some one on one Activities that you could use and modify if you have to
Patti 1st May 2024 Activity Director
Hi Susan!
Thanks for your reply. The only thing we have to use is her brain. She is completely paralyzed. Trivia questions are on the top of our list. Music and movies also.
I wasn't sure if anyone had this type of experience or not. The Math activities would be great! I could make up a game of some sort. : )

Thanks again for your response!
Have a wonderful day !!!
Julie 8th May 2024 Activities
Maybe she has some un tapped writing skills , if she can speak , maybe she’d like , with your help, to write a script for a play or a drama or thriller , it may be something the other residents and staff could act when it’s finished or read out loud as drama therapy . Maybe even try and write a panto ready for chrimbo? Or poems or songs
Creating is a wonderful escape IF she enjoys it

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