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Pretha 8th Jan 2022 Occupational Therapist

Nature Collage with Gum Nuts and Leaves

Valerie, when you say PVC glue, do you mean the type used for PVC pipes (PVC cement) or was it a miss spelling of PVA glue? The common wood or multipurpose glue?

I love this idea btw!
Pretha 3rd Aug 2021 Occupational Therapist


Hi this is Ruth (Lifestyle coordinator) I agree that food can be a draw card. Perhaps do bingo with chocolates as prizes. Like other's have said, it is good to ask the residents what they like. Maybe do a simple survey of a list of activies (Craft, exercise, music, outings, etc) and see what they choose. Also, I would keep it simple to start. Aim for small groups of 4 - 6 if possible in the same area (ie if they tend to sit in a particular lounge) So something like exercise (even just hitting a balloon back and forth.) Then build up to more complex activities.
Do you go and remind your residents before the activity? I find there are always some who don't or can't read the monthly planner and need a prompt to come. We tend to remind most of the residents who normally come to an activity. Perhaps carers can assist you to bring some as well since they get to know them closely. As you build relationships with the residents they are sometimes more likely to join in as well. You can alway say 'why don't you just come and watch?' Sometimes this helps those unsure if they will enjoy it. They often end up having a good time!