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Christine 17th Jun 2024 Retired

Funny Poems by Roald Dahl

I really look forward to reading all the ideas regularly and am particularly fond of poems and jokes and quizzes. The staff where I Volunteer also enjoy joining in and are quite often amazed at how receptive and knowledgeable many of the elderly Residents are considering their Dementia diagnosis so keeping them busy and involved in thinking is the best medicine. I personally so wish more people would Volunteer in Care Homes as it is so rewarding.
Christine 24th May 2024 Retired

True Or False Quiz #9

Excellent ideas for my volunteering at Care Home.
I can adapt or change to suit the capabilities of specific Residents. It certainly also keeps my general knowledge up to date and I am always amazed at how interested and knowledgeable the elderly Residents is also a good learning exercise for many of the younger Carers.
Keep up the good work..
Christine 29th Apr 2024 Retired

True Or False Quiz #8

The quizzes you offer are extremely popular with the Residents where I Volunteer.. it is heartwarming to see how much they all remember even though all diagnosed with varying levels of Dementia and all very different ages.
Having a son living in Melbourne who I visit from the UK the Aussie connection is interesting. Many thanks ..Christine
Christine 21st Nov 2023 Retired

Christmas Quiz IV

All your quizzes are excellent and lead to so many conversations about a variety of topics. The Residents where I Volunteer always ask for them. Keep up the good work..
Christine 9th Aug 2023 Retired

Bean Bag Number Toss

Being a very new sign up to this wonderful website I already find the quizzes excellent for the Home where I Volunteer and the ideas you suggest along with my many ideas make my time entertaining the Residents extremely fulfilling.. I have this evening made my own very cheap version of the Bean Bag Toss..Being a Bowls fanatic I also have a length of green carpet from local Bowls Club with small toy Bowls which Residents enjoy attempting to get near the Jack in a competitive manner..there are so many simple ideas that work really well I find..