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Deb 27th Jun 2024 Activities Coordinator
As a new activities' coordinator, in an assisted living facility, I was wondering if anyone would be willing to share or show what their monthly calendar looks like.
Also how big is the facility that you work in? Mine is about 20-25 residents.

I am the only activity person here unless I can get volunteers.
What I'm wondering is how full is your day with activities?
What time in the morning do you usually start your day with the residents. How often do you have crafts (weekly or several times a week?)

I have been struggling with getting attendance, especially in the mornings.
Work wants me to start at 9am or 9:30am with exercises but the residents just don't want to be moving that early.
Any suggestions?

How do you schedule your days?

I have been doing crafts as much as possible (weekly if not twice weekly) and going outside as much as possible.

A little back story, the previous coordinator did one game and then just did one on one's the rest of the day. But I'm being told they want scheduled activities all day long (minimum 4) Which is fine in theory, but I only work 7hrs a day and I have to take an hour lunch break. As the only person it doesn't leave me time for prep work on things, charting, making and returning phone calls and the other small things that have to be done as well.

So, I'm just wondering if maybe it's me that is having a tuff time or if there is too much demand for one person on one day?

Please know I love my job!!! I'm not complaining just looking for advice and help.

Thank you in advance

Susan 27th Jun 2024 Activity Director
Hi Deb
The first thing I would do is have a meeting with the residents and possibly some family members
See what they want
The administrators always want you to do as much as possible
I feel it’s all about what the residents want to do
How many residents usually attend in the activity
What are your hours?
I liked to start the morning activity between 10 and 1030 but what do the residents want
You can combine exercise with other things like trivia or music
It’s nice to have an activity right before lunch perhaps in the lunch room
In the afternoon, I planned one big activity between two and 230 and then had a smaller activity around 330 or four
Here are some sample calendars
They are not all assisted living calendars, and each situation is unique
Do the residents Say they’re bored ?
Congratulations on your new role I know that’s tough to get started but getting to know your residents is key
Susan 28th Jun 2024 Activity Director
Hi again, Deb
This article may help you getting more people to attend activities

Another idea for a time would be right after lunch

Let us know how things are going
Deb 28th Jun 2024 Activities Coordinator
Thank you so much for the ideas and thoughts.
Starting somewhere new with something new is a challenge in itself.
I will look into the calendars and ideas you sent.

Looking forward to getting to know the residents on a much more personal level. and putting ideas into actions.

Again, thank you.
Clare 2nd Jul 2024 Activities And Development Co Ordinator
Might make your job easier to have small go to packs /boxes for activities ready when needed for people with things they enjoy . Massage ,music and relaxation with youtube links for 1 to 1 interaction and quality time ( story massage is a lovely activity to spend time together This is me scrapbooks , photos and anything about the person and what is important to them. It is the quality not quantity that counts. Keep making a positive difference and look after you keep smiling
Ashmin 2nd Jul 2024 Lifestyle Supervisor
Hi Deb,
Iam a lifestyle supervisor in one facility and l have 54 residents. Iam happy to share the ideas and also monthly calendar with you.

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