Sample Activities Calendars

Sample Activities Calendars

Shared By Sandra   New Zealand

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Sample monthly and weekly activity calendars for activity coordinators working in nursing homes. I know from experience that when i first started at a rest home I was thrown in the deep end, and I just thought by sharing this it may help out a newbie to develop their activities program. This is a wonderful resource to help you plan ahead. Thanks to everyone who has shared their calendar.
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From Sandra:

Hi there just wanted to share one of my monthy calendars, I know from experience that when i first started at a rest home I was thrown in the deep end, and I just thought by sharing this it may help out a newbie to develop their activities programme

xx good luck and dont give up xx

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Paula 12th Oct 2018 Care Manager
I have just joined particularly to get a good activity calendar / schedule.
How do i get to see or copy one of these templates? Nothing is opening when I click on an image, print or download only gives me a picture of the whole page.
Talita 12th Oct 2018
Hi Paula,

Thanks for your email. Some of these calendars have been sent in as pictures only, some as publisher files or word documents. If there is one in particular you would like to access, let me know and I can look up what original format we received it in and send this through to you.

We also have word and pdf calendars available here:

Thanks Paula!
Jessa 19th May 2017
there were calendar templates that I have used for April and May that had nice pictures on the bottom. I could choose M-Fri and different formats. I cannot find it on the site anymore. Maybe I forgot where they were hiding? Anyone know what I am talking about?
Talita 19th May 2017
Perhaps you mean on this page?

There are 12 months worth of calendars available in different formats.
Aule 1st May 2017 Older People Activities Manager
Hi. Can I also get copies of activities calenders on my e-mail ? Thanks.
Carla 21st Apr 2017 Direct Support Professional
Where do you get the template to fill in your activities?
Talita 23rd Apr 2017
Hi Carla,

The ones on this page were supplied in a variety of different formats. Is there one in particular you are interested in? Let me know and I can send you a copy.

Thanks Carla.
Maria 27th Mar 2017 Occupational Therapist
Hi everyone, I am about to start a new program for our lower care residents and sun downing residents.
I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for some activities that I could start with.

Thank you,


Talita 23rd Apr 2017
Hi Maria,

We have an article regarding sundowning that may be helpful:

If you post your comment in the forum next time everyone will see it!

Thanks Maria!
Sue 9th Feb 2017 allied health assistant
Thank you for posting these calendar's they are fabulous. Is there a way to copy these and edit for use in my work place.
Talita 9th Feb 2017
Hi Sue,

They have been supplied in a variety of different formats, some in publisher, some in word etc. Let me know which one(s) you are interested in and I will email you files as they were supplied.
Stephanie 26th Jan 2017 Memory Care Life Enrichment Coordinator
Here is my April Activity Calendar for Memory Care
Talita 26th Jan 2017
Thank you Stephanie!
Marialda 10th Jan 2017 Director Of Recreation
Sharing some of our monthly activities!
Talita 26th Jan 2017
Thank you for sharing Marialda!
rachel 19th Jul 2016 lifestyle/pca
Thanks to all for sharing your ideas and experiences And Golden carers.
Liza 12th May 2016 Activities Officer
Here is our "Day Respite" program for May. We have Mon-Fri respite and extended programs for our more mobile/independent clients as well as a social group of ID clients (of all ages).
I hope you find this helpful.
Anita 31st Jan 2016 Lifestyle Co-Ordinator
Hi, I find it hard to fit all our activities on our program as our program is open to the whole 90 bed facility. We can have 3-4 activities in the morning and the same again in the afternoon so we are full on. Our shifts are from 9am-5pm though. Thank you for sharing am going to play with a couple of layouts to do our weekly program.
Thank you
Jackie 20th Jan 2016 Lifestyle Coordinator
Monthly Recreation Calendar Submitted
Rosie 19th Jan 2016 diversional therapist
hi I've noticed that everyone's calendar is very busy
,I mean so much is written on one day with lots of pictures , does this not get confusing for people to take in . I make sure that my program isn't cluttered and easily read ,
but I suppose it looks pretty with lots of graphics and pictures , do you think this is preferred , I also keep regular activities so people know when something is on by habit , and that goes for my volunteers and other staff . we are all creatures of habits and regularities , this helps for those that are easily confused . hahah including me .
Heather 19th Jan 2016
HI Rosie
The calendar is more of display and a guide of what activities take place. I have a white board and write the days activities on it for residents staff and families. As activities can change very quickly depending on how our residents are when I arrive each day. I work in high care dementia unit. Hope this helps
chant 21st May 2016
I believe you are right on the money regarding Calendar layout and all the
Maria 20th Feb 2015
How great all this monthly and weekly calendars are...!
Golden cares you are the best as a team work.

jerri 10th Feb 2015
this is a copy of our monthly and weekly program as well as each moth we send out a summary of the big thingd happening in month on the back of the weekly program.
Vicky 5th Feb 2015
Here's our weekly one, I have a 5 week rolling template for activity schedules and about mid month we have a meeting and adjust or change activities for the next month. We print them on A3 and put up on notice boards throughout the centre for viewing weekly. We also write on the whiteboard in dining rooms of each days activities. Hope this helps.
Loreta 2nd Feb 2015 Recreational Officer
Hope this template will you on weekly calendar. Cheers
Jackie 31st Jan 2015 Lifestyle Coordinator
Can someone post a 7 day week (Mon - Sun) Monthly calendar template. I already have my Mon to Friday program, but we are now going to Mon - Sun & I am having trouble making it fit in.
patricia 8th Sep 2013 Recreational Activity Officer
Thank you Loreta, I really like your program.
This has given me some ideas on how to improve on my own.
Loreta 27th Aug 2013 Recreational Officer
Thank you Talita. I tried to changed my activity monthly as much as I can so Residents will not get bored. Is anyone can suggest here where I can get the chair exercises for elderly for reasonable price. I had 2 dvd's running for one year now and I couldnt find any cheaper. You know our budget are very limited.
Trudy 28th Jan 2016 CQI & Education Co-ord.
Hi Talita
Our visiting phsiotherapist devised exercises for the residents and spoke the instructions of each exercise as hse recorded them on a CD. Lucky for us her husband is a music teacher so he played the music to them all old time and the residents love it. When I worked with dementia residents they would do the exercises and sing a long. Just an idea if you could get someone to make a CD for you.
Talita 30th Jan 2016
Thank you Trudy that sounds like a fabulous idea.
talita 20th Jul 2013
Thanks for sharing this Loreta - your activity calendar looks fantastic!
Loreta 19th Jul 2013 Recreational Officer
I know how hard to think which activity will work with the residents. Hope my monthly calendar will help to others RAO
Phillip 6th Jun 2013 Lifestyle Co-ordinator
Activity Programs Weekly and Monthly For Southern Cross Care Caves Beach, NSW *** see downloads ***
Heather 1st Jun 2013
copy of activity calander (high care Dementia unit) *** see downloads ***
Kerry 30th May 2013 Recreation
Will be adding bowlerama to our calendar. We call our exercise program Movement-Relaxation. Armchair Travel for our travel reminiscing,DVDs about travel. Artscape for anything related to art/craft, News&Views for our newspaper reading. Hope this helps
This is my latest program for our dementia unit *** see downloads ***. All residents have a copy in their rooms and an A3 size is also displayed in the main living areas. I try to make it visually interesting. Hope it helps. I'm lucky i have good team support as i am fairly new to RAO and have not done the course as yet.
sandra 18th Jan 2013 Diversional Therapist
Thanks Sandra
I am one of those 'newbies' and am having trouble keeping everyone happy especially the powers that be. This should help.
Janice 1st Dec 2012 Diversional Therapist
Thank- you so much,I have had headache creating a calender to please our ILU's,this should do it.
sandra 19th Nov 2012 training diversional therapist
Your very welcome x And any questions feel free to ask away xx
Lyn 15th Nov 2012 Student/Activities coordinater
Thank you Sandra i have ajusted a few of my days to have a few more activities.
talita 9th Nov 2012
Thank you Sandra! This is a wonderful resource for planning ahead.
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