You can now add Daily Schedules, Icons, and Print at a variety of sizes! This easy to edit activity calendar can be pre-filled with upcoming events and celebration ideas for nursing homes and assisted living facilities. A perfect resource for activity coordinators working with the elderly.
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Golden Carers has 1000s of activities and resources for senior care.

Print out your activity calendar each month and fill it in as you go! The calendar is pre-filled with events from the Golden Carers Calendar. It's fully editable so you can add, remove, and update events as you need.

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Upload and Use Backgrounds

Some members need 8+ activities listed on a single day. There is only so much space available so here are a few suggestions:

  1. The Weekly Calendar is the fastest and easiest way to get more room
  2. A larger Paper Size like A3 or Tabloid will give you significantly more room
  3. Portrait Mode can help, depending on the length of your activity names
  4. Hide Weekends will give you more room and works well with Portrait Mode
  5. The Word Doc version is more flexible and allow changes, PDFs do not
  6. Multi-Page allows your page to 'wrap' ontop new pages

You need an active Golden Carers membership to use the 30+ calendar backgrounds provided, and you can even upload your own!

If you're not a member you can still use the calendar templates with a plain background.

Some features are only available to active Golden Carers members.


Word Doc

  • Make sure "Events & Icons" is selected under "More Options"
  • With this option, each Golden Carers Calendar Event will include its own icon
  • These Icons can be dragged around the page and resized as needed
  • You can also find your own icons and add them as needed


Icons are not available for the PDF calendar.

One Page will make sure your calendar never 'wraps' onto another page, it will always be 1 page. This can cause issues if your font size isn't suitable for your paper size.

Multi-Page will let your calendar spill over to another page.

The Golden Carers logo/watermark is automatically removed for active members.

This generally happens because the PDF is too big, and has to scale to fit the page. You can turn scaling off by using the Multi-Page option. Or, you can try adjusting the font size, page size, or orientation.

We recommend using the Word Doc version in most cases, but sometimes a PDF is simply more convenient, so we offer both.

Yes, there is! Toolkit (By Golden Carers) is a professional activity management program, and it's included with your Golden Carers membership!

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Susan 8th Nov 2021 Activity Director
Hi Munirah
Setting up a care home is a lot of work
I do not know where you are from but most places have a lot of rules and regulations you must follow
Before you do anything like that you should at the very least volunteer in somebody else’s home so you can see what things are like
If you have anymore questions post them in the forum so they don’t get lost because this has a lot of feedback
Munirah Jones 7th Nov 2021
hello im new just looking for ideas at the moment I am doing in home to visits. I am looking in opening up a group home here real soon
maria fe p. vencer 10th Aug 2021
am starting to plan activities for our senior citizens assoc. hopefully after this pendemic subsides we can initiates our plans and programs. hoping to get some inputs to start with. thank you.
Darlene 1st Jul 2021 Activities Director
Hi! New to this site. I'm trying to create a monthly calendar and would like to change the font to fit more into each block. How can I do this? Does it matter that I don't have Word? I am on an Apple laptop.
Kenneth 2nd Jun 2021 Activity Director
Hi guys I'm new here just joined and looking for some great ideas for my residents here at INTEGRITY HEALTHCARE IN HERRIN ILLINOIS as I'm the new activity director here we specialize in residents Dementia and I really want our activities to Boom again and our residents to really enjoy em so any help would be greatly appreciated thank you for your time and GOD BLESS YOU ALL
Susan 2nd Jun 2021 Activity Director
Congratulations on your new job
Golden Carers has many activities for people with dementia I like music activities Because it taps into many areas of the brain and people with dementia often remember words to songs even though they do not speak
Do you have something else in mind let me know and I will see if I can help you
Margaret 26th Feb 2021 Director
I love your calendar and so do my residents. Thanks for this option.
Talita 1st Mar 2021
Thank you so very much for your feedback Margaret x
Tonya 22nd Feb 2021 Executive Director
Hi I am trying to make a activities calendar with 9 lines it will not let me move the margin. Please help me. I made one last month for February it turned out great. I just need to know if this program will work for March calendar. Thank You! Looking forward to hear your answer.
Maurice 1st Mar 2021
Hi Tonya!

If you're working with the Word Document, try and change the settign "1-Page" to "Multi-Page".

That will let you resize your table inside of word once you've generated it.

Let me know how you go! :)
Kerry-ann 7th Feb 2021 Activity Manager
Trying to make a calendar for April. Why is there not an option to start the month on a thursday????
Maurice 8th Feb 2021
Hi Kerry-ann,

Currently calendars can start on Saturday, Sunday, or monday. This seems to be the most common start-date in almost all countries.

It might be something we can add in the future - may I ask the purpose of starting a calendar mid-week like a Thursday? I'd be interested to understand what this is used for.

Thanks! :)
Amy 19th Jan 2021 Administrative Assistant
Quick Question. I love the calendars and the icons for the recognized days. In February it says World Read Aloud day is on the 5th but it is actually on the 3rd is there anyway I can move that icon to the 3rd? I love these calendars. Looking forward to more backgrounds and options in the future.
Maurice 19th Jan 2021
Hi Amy!

Oops sorry about that - we've just fixed the date so it now shows in February 5th :)

Just so you know, you can always click and drag both the icons, and the dates, and move them whereever you like, or remove them entirely if you don't want any specific ones.

Attached is an exxample of what I mean.

Let me know if there's anything else we can do :)
Thank you so much for adding the new "ADD TEXT" on the calendar! SOOOOOOO much easier and the back rounds are great! maybe a New Years back round in the near future?
Maurice 23rd Dec 2020
Thank you Christina, and good call! We've just added some New Years backgrounds :)
Shaquira 11th Dec 2020 Activity Director
Love, love love the new calendar backgrounds..I know they were just released but keep them coming :)
Maurice 10th Dec 2020
Good news everyone!

We've just released 30+ new calendar backgrounds, as well as room at add extra notes on any 'empty' days in the Word version.

Attached is a quick overview for you to see, we hope you like it :)
Amy 11th Nov 2020 Therapy
Is there a way I can use this in Google Docs? I tried opening it in Google Docs, but the background image disappeared
Maurice 12th Nov 2020
Hi Amy!

We have tested Google Docs compatibiltiy before, and it works surprisingly well with our standard plain calendars (even icons) if you change the page orientation to Landscape after importing it. But sadly Google Docs does not support background images or transparency.

I personally use Google Drive extensively and would love that kind of integration, especially the always online/cloud features, but until they can support those feature it's not feasible.

The only workable solution is to use the plain calendar, import it into Google Docs, anbd then go to File > Page Setup, then choose Landscape, and you can set a solid background color.

Hope that helps!
Sam A 29th Sep 2020

I am trying this out prior to becoming member. Are the calendars compatible for Mac laptops? I downloaded the free basic template but the grids and writing are all squeezed into the left side of the screen.
Please advise

Maurice 29th Sep 2020
Hi Sam!

Yes it does :)

There are two versions, Word and PDF.

You will need Microsoft Word to use the Word verison, this is our recommendation and why we default to this option. PDFs a great because they work on most devices these days, but they are not as easy to edit, and you can't save changes from your browser. But if you have Acrobat Reader, it's another great option.

Let me know how you go, I hope that helps!
7o 27th Sep 2020 Ik7o
Is there a way I can print a or mail me a bg calendar? We usually put a big calendar in the wall for residents and family members to see.
Maurice 9th Oct 2020

Here are two options that might help

1. Print the largest format possible: The easiest option would be to print at either A3 (297 x 420 mm) or Tabloid (11 x 17 in). Use a larger font size, and that is usually a good size for most people.

2. Create a Mulit-Page Poster: Use the largest size available (A3/Tabloid), and create your Calendar. You can use either the Word or PDF option. The only extra step is if you're using Microsoft Word, you need to save it as a PDF when you're ready to print (File > Save As > PDF).

Next, open Acrobat Reader (a free PDF program most computers use). Go to File > Print, and then select "Poster". Set your "Tile %" to whatever size you want, you can make these as big as you want with any printer.

I've attached a screenshot and a Calendar example of this option for you. Here is an example of a calendar over 12 pages!
12-Page October 2020

We don't offer printing services sorry, but you can probably do what you need yourself! :)
Suzanne 1st Sep 2020 Life Enrichment Director
I am trying to use the tabloid size for my calendar. When I pick a background, it doesn't show up when it opens or prints. How can I ue the backgrounds provided with tabloid size?
Maurice 1st Sep 2020
Hi Suzanne!

That is strange - I can't see any calendar downloads on your account recently, could you have used another computer or not have been logged in when trying to do this?

The backgrounds only work if you're a member, otherwise it will use a white background. Please double check and try again, then let me know! Thanks :)
Jennifer 19th Aug 2020 Activity Director
Hi, When I go in to create a new calendar, I am not getting the option for daily schedule. Please help me to figure out what I am doing wrong.

Thank you so much, Jennifer
Maurice 19th Aug 2020
Hi Jennifer!

The daily schedule has now been adding back with a few adjustments, including more options for how many rows to add. :)
Sandra 18th Aug 2020 Activity Director
can't find a blank calendar to type my monthly activities in
Maurice 19th Aug 2020
Hi Sandra!

For a blank calendar, just set the option "Events & Icons" to "Hide", and also make sure to use the "Plain" theme. That should give you an emapy white calendar to work from!
Lyn 17th Aug 2020 Lifestyle Coordinator
Hi, I have been attempting to download portrait calendar. It displays with half of the printing missing. Is there some way I can fix this? I have been using the calendars for 12 months now and find them wonderful. I have never experienced this issue before. Is anyone else experiencing any difficulties?
Maurice 17th Aug 2020
Whoops sorry Lyn, all fixed, my fault :)

Glad to hear it's been working well over the last year for you!
Lyn 18th Aug 2020 Lifestyle Coordinator
Thank you Maurice
This is exactly why I love Golden Carers.
HANH 17th Aug 2020
Hi , how can I download Portrait Calendar as usual???
Maurice 17th Aug 2020
Hi Hanh!

Portrait/Landscape mode is back, we were making some changes and this now also works with the PDF version :)
Maurice 13th Aug 2020
Hi Mary-anne, Cindy,

The "Weekends" option has been added back, it also now works with the PDF version. :)
Cyndi 12th Aug 2020 Lifestyle Coordinator
Hi there, I am trying to print calendar for September but the 5 day week Mon to Frid option does not seem to be there any more, has this changed.
Mary-Anne 12th Aug 2020 Lifestyle Coordinator
I am trying to print a 5 day calendar and hide weekends, that option does not seem to be available anymore.
Janice 28th Jul 2020 Senior Care Assistance
hi i am new to the role and would like to see what activities other home are doing as oi am bit lost
Talita 29th Jul 2020
Hi Janice,

Congratulations on your new role!

The best place to start is the video on using these calendars:

Let us know if there is something we can help you with specifically/

Thanks Janice!
Leigh-Ann 7th Jul 2020 Recreation Therapist
Hi, Love the calenders; however there is not enough space in each day box for all the programs! I got it to fit in size 10 Font but that is pretty small for seniors eyes. Would be great if you could cut off the bottom of the calender so you can expand your daily box room!
Solange 7th Jul 2020 Diversional Therapist
Hi Leigh-Ann, we did the same; font 10 for the calendar but then we printed it in A3 form and placed one copy in each seniors' bedroom. This way it made it easier for them to read and inform their relatives and friends when visiting.
Maurice 7th Jul 2020
Hi Leigh-ann!

I'm curious, could you attach an example one of your calendars? And do you have any examples of previous calendars? Did they all fit in your previous template? I'd love to see an example.

Here are some ideas you can try with these templates?

1. Paper Size: One option is to select the largest paper size you're able to print. In a lot of cases, this is A3 / Tabloid. The more space on the page, the less cluttered the calendar report will be!

2. DOC Multi-Page: In a lot of cases, the Word Document version of the calendar is better for complex calendars as it gives you options to easily edit the content later.

3. Multi-Page PDF: If you're using the PDF option, make sure you click the "Multi-Page PDF" option. This will stop the system from trying to squeeze everything on to one page, and instead let it print onto multiple pages!

4. Font Size: Changing font size is an option for the Word Doc version, however, to get it working with PDFs you have to check the Multi-Page PDF described above!

5. Hide Weekends: If you don't schedule activities on weekends, you can actually hide them and just print a 5-day calendar!

6. Change Orientation: Sometimes printing in portrait mode (instead of landscape) can provide a cleaner calendar, especially when combined with Hide Weekends and Large Paper Size!

Let me know how you go :)
Leigh-Ann 8th Jul 2020
Thanks for the reply. We print it on Tabloid, so it it big paper but it is still in 10 font which makes it hard for the residents to see... is there any way of making it bigger font but still on 1 page?
Leigh-Ann 9th Jul 2020
Did you receive my attachments ?
Talita 10th Jul 2020
Thank you for sending through screenshots Leigh-ann, we will reply to you privately and post again on this thread to notify everyone when the next update is rolled our for the calendar.
Taylor 1st Jul 2020 Activity Director
I love these calendars but is there a way to add different backgrounds besides the few that are already available?
Maurice 1st Jul 2020
Hi Taylor,

We really do need to add this feature! It's been on our todo list for a while, I'll see what we can do :)

Technically this is possible to DIY with the Word Document version, however, it's a bit fiddly playing with backgrounds. I'll try to build it into this calendar system directly to make it easy!
Susan 11th Feb 2020 Activity Director
Hi Carol have you tried the tool kit
There is a weekly calendar in these sample calendars maybe that will help you because you want to make a template you can use it for multiple calendars
Carol 10th Feb 2020 Activities Coordinator
Hi Team
I love using your monthly calendars but wondered if you have thought about making available a weekly calendar. Individual plans can be included on a personal calendar so they know whats coming up specifically for them as well as other group opportunities available
chers Carol
Rick 17th Jul 2019 Integrator

Just started using this yesterday. I'm converting the .pdf to .jpg and using on a Senior Center TV as signage. Is there any way to format the .pdf into a 16:9 format to make it more legible? I cannot change the aspect ratio when its in slideshow mode.

Thanks, Rick
Maurice 22nd Jul 2019
Hi Rick,

That's an interesting use of the calendars!

I'm not sure I understand the issue though. Slideshow mode on a 16:9 screen should just add black bars left and right. I believe powerpoint has a 16:9 screen mode, so you could drag the JPG into that and re-export if you want an all-white display.

The issue with providing a 16:9 equivalent for each paper size is how vertically short that size is, it would almost always spill onto 2 pages or scale the font to be very small.

If you send a photo of the issue to [email protected] I can take a look!
Gillian 6th Jun 2019 Activities Co-ordinator
Love that this is available to edit
Talita 10th Jun 2019
Thanks for your feedback Gillian!
Tzimmerman 27th Dec 2018
Hi! How many lines of activities can you get on a calendar day? I sometimes have 8 events on one day. Thanks!
Linda 28th Dec 2018 Diversional Therapy Asst
We have the same problem, needing 6 lines some days.
You can't get more than 4 lines unless you go lower in font size than 10, which is too small for our residents.
So what we do is print it on 2 pages, then cut the 2nd page out & stick it on the bottom of the first page. Kind of old school, but it works!
Maurice 28th Dec 2018
Great to hear your solution Linda! Another idea is to print on a larger paper size, like A3 or Tabloid, and then switch to Portrait mode. That will give you far more room vertically and it may just onto 1 page depending on the number of activities. :)
Gillian 14th Dec 2018 Activities Co-ordinator
Thank you so much. Such a briliant resource. I cant thank you enough
Talita 15th Dec 2018
Thanks so much Gillian! I'm so glad it is helpful for you!
Alison 27th Oct 2018 Diversional Therapist
I just looked at the Calendars which I had seen but didn't take the time to investigate properly, I am so impressed and will be using them from now on. Such a wonderful website for DT's, thank you so much.
Talita 29th Oct 2018
Thank you SO Much for your feedback Alison! We appreciate it so much! x
Susan 28th Sep 2018 Gerontologist
I joined the free trial for Golden Care Tools. I love the Calendar set up. You can list all activities and manoeuvre them around without having to physically type each activity in for each day. I cannot seem to find out how to do that with this calendar and I cannot justify the cost for Golden Care Tools for the calendar when I have already paid for this site. Do you have any suggestions?
Maurice 28th Sep 2018
Hi Susan!

The Calendars on Golden Carers (above) are designed in a way that people can download the templates and use them however they like. It's fully up to them to add, remove, update, and plan their calendars on a monthly basis.

The Golden Care Tools ( system is a far more sophisticated online program that is designed as a professional service. Generally, a facility or workplace will pay for Golden Care Tools directly, as it lets you add and manage clients, schedule activities, and then allows detailed reports to be created for and use for accreditation and government audits.

You can see a quick overview of the features here:

The Quickstart video is a great place to see exactly how the system works:

I hope that helps answer you question!
Shearee 4th Sep 2018 Leisure & Lifestyle Manager
OMG, the new calendar is fantastic, can you download the whole 12mths at once to then edit ?? love the back rounds.
Talita 8th Sep 2018
Thanks so much for your feedback Shearee! Let me get back to you on this one!
Pam 17th Jan 2017 Recreation
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that you turned the Calendar from Portrait to can you offer an option to start the month on Sundays instead of Monday?
Talita 18th Jan 2017
Thanks for your feedback Pam! The calendar is now available starting from Sunday or Monday, just select which tab is relevant to you. Cheers!
Mary 6th Dec 2016 Trainer,Assessor Aged, Community,Disability
Thanks for the 2017 events calendar. Just in time for my new classes Nov 2016-2017. We can design our ideas around the events which covers diversity, culture, person centered focused care and individual/group event participation
love your work! Mary Ebbott. Trainer and assessor Cert 11 individual support. Cert 1V Ageing support and Leisure and Health
Talita 12th Dec 2016
Thanks so much for your feedback Mary! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you!
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