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Vicky 16th May 2016


I am to amazed..but I have to keep reminding myself it's there choice to say NO or sleep.
It's all fine with others telling us we have to do this and have to do that.....But a lot of residents just want to sleep and have a quiet life...When your in 80's and 90's they are tired, if they want to join they will. I think you covering all the bases and through our training we know what works and we know what doesn't.
Vicky 14th Dec 2015

Songs for Seniors Quiz

WOW, thank you very much. A great resource thank you again for sharing. V
Vicky 17th Mar 2015


Hi Judy, I would love your cheap soap-making recipe.
Vicky 11th Mar 2015

Cup and Saucer Table Decorations

What a great activity, I'm going to start organise this for a craft sessions.
Vicky 11th Mar 2015


Hi Dorothy
I am also doing BAC at UTAS have enrolled in CAD001,003 and 110 this semester.
Would love a study buddy.
Vicky 5th Feb 2015

Sample Activities Calendars

Here's our weekly one, I have a 5 week rolling template for activity schedules and about mid month we have a meeting and adjust or change activities for the next month. We print them on A3 and put up on notice boards throughout the centre for viewing weekly. We also write on the whiteboard in dining rooms of each days activities. Hope this helps.
Vicky 21st Oct 2014

Armchair Travel: A Sensory Experience for Seniors

Thanks Wendy will look forward to obtaining these DVD.
Vicky 21st Oct 2014

Words in Words Game

Thanks Paula for sharing,what a great idea. Looks like I have my next project for work.