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Loreta 13th Mar 2018 Recreational Officer

This Day in History for Seniors: April

This is a good Idea. Would be nice if we can have this every month :)
Loreta 11th Oct 2016 Recreational Officer

Lapel Paper Poppies

Good project for our craft day on November. Thanks for sharing. Just wondering where can I find the template please. Thanks.
Loreta 15th Sep 2016 Recreational Officer

2017 Recreation Therapy Calendar

I Used this calendar to take down notes as my diary and makes my work more easier to remember all events . We all do trying to plan ahead. Just wondering when is the 2017 calendar will be available?
Loreta 10th Nov 2015 Recreational Officer

2015 Recreation Therapy Calendar

I agree with Linda. this will be the best tool for RAO's
Loreta 2nd Feb 2015 Recreational Officer

Sample Activities Calendars

Hope this template will you on weekly calendar. Cheers
Loreta 6th Nov 2013 Recreational Officer

Say Hello & Goodbye in Different Languages

Philippines- Kamusta
Loreta 27th Aug 2013 Recreational Officer

Sample Activities Calendars

Thank you Talita. I tried to changed my activity monthly as much as I can so Residents will not get bored. Is anyone can suggest here where I can get the chair exercises for elderly for reasonable price. I had 2 dvd's running for one year now and I couldnt find any cheaper. You know our budget are very limited.
Loreta 19th Jul 2013 Recreational Officer

Sample Activities Calendars

I know how hard to think which activity will work with the residents. Hope my monthly calendar will help to others RAO