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Kerry 7th May 2015 Recreation


You tube have clips with farm sounds as relaxation therapy. 'Farm sounds' in search on you tube site. Hope this helps
Kerry 31st Aug 2014 Recreation

How To Structure Reminiscing Sessions For Seniors

Our facility had a recent visit from a community craft group. For a change we had a kitchen reminiscing morning tea. Lovely sponges for morning tea and utensils from the kitchen. Had a lovely array of vintage items from the kitchen that prompted lots of conversation. Residents also continued talking about this activity the next day. Enjoyed by all.
Kerry 1st Aug 2014 Recreation

Kerry 1st Aug 2014 Recreation


Has anyone organised a memorial service for a resident. Looking for suggestions of songs, poetry or readings. Will be only a small service for the residents to attend.
Thanks Kerry
Kerry 16th Apr 2014 Recreation


Baby clothes to fold and sort. Some hand knits spark conversation. Also texture and softness they love.
Kerry 1st Apr 2014 Recreation

Word Bingo

Love bingo afternoons. I put together a special bingo for the queens jubilee. Black&white illustrations of family members including favourite horse, dogs, royal landmarks and countries (sovereign). Created lots of conversation and enjoyment.
Kerry 5th Mar 2014 Recreation


Hi vitty
A paper plate is a good framework to start with. Two plates together make it stronger. Recycling cards that express their interests eg flowers, pets, fishing to glue on. You can fill with paper flowers, favourite colours, buttons, footy teams ect. Being able to choose and reminisce will lead you to their likes and dislikes. These can be made to be seasonal or events by colours and pictures
Good luck
Kerry 3rd Feb 2014 Recreation


Hi Kerry H. John Mcsweeny has a DVD 101 songs you know by heart. You have an option for lyrics on screen. Online at or phone 02 94376936 or Sanity music may have it in stock. Contains medleys of all oldtime favourites. Kerry
Kerry 14th Dec 2013 Recreation


Hi looking for suggestions of music/songs for chair dancing/movement activity. Chicken dance, hokey pokey - any other suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
Kerry 4th Dec 2013 Recreation

8 Tips for Successful One-on-One Visits

Can you please tell me if 1:1 visits must last at least 15 minute duration for it to be recorded as 1:1. Thanks Kerry